This Swiffer Hack Is Up for Debate but May Make Cleaning a Lot Easier

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Swiffers have been coming in clutch in a countless number of households for decades, providing a quick and easy way to clean all kinds of floors. In fact, it's safe to say that many of us (and our floors) would be lost without our trusty Swiffers. Despite being a mainstay in most cleaning supply closets, some people are still discovering handy Swiffer hacks to this day.


TikTok user @imdevotion recently shared what they refer to as a Swiffer "hack" but what commenters on his post insist is common knowledge. They show us how to install a Swiffer pad onto the base of a Swiffer, placing the pad on the backside of the packaging lid, and then tucking the corners of the pad into the four small jawed holes on the backside of the Swiffer base.

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"Life hacks people were too afraid to tell you," they write in the caption. It's possible @imdevotion genuinely believes this is a life hack, but something tells us that maybe they're being a bit tongue-in-cheek here. What do you think?

Many commenters on the post make it clear that they think the influencer is being serious. "I think people can read directions," says user @starlaaxo, not holding back their judgment. User @randizzle is a bit more sympathetic in their delivery, writing, "I think everyone knew, buddy. Sorry." Other commenters express their disdain toward Swiffers altogether, preaching mop superiority and claiming that Swiffers don't actually clean floors effectively.


Regardless, Swiffers are here to stay and the world is better for it. And whether @imdevotion actually considers the fundamental way to use a Swiffer to be a hack or not, we may never know for sure. Give it a try and find out for yourself.



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