The Cleaning Habits of Gen Z and Millennials Are Surprisingly Different

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The world is constantly changing as we learn more and more about, well, everything, so it's no wonder that each generation is unique. While we don't necessarily support competition between Gen Z, Gen X, millennials, and baby boomers (can't we all just get along?), we think their differences are pretty fascinating.


Collage Group released a report discussing the cleaning habits across generations, comparing findings from baby boomers (anyone born between 1955 and 1964), Gen X (born between 1965 and 1980), millennials (born between 1981 and 1996), and Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012). Spoiler alert: They are not the same.

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One of the most interesting findings is that Gen Z's motivation for cleaning is wildly different than older generations'. Gen Z cares less about cleaning in order to protect their family from germs than millennials, Gen X, and boomers do. Instead, they clean their homes because it relaxes them.


On a similar note, boomers are more likely to buy home care products that have disinfectant properties. Millennials and Gen Z care less about disinfectants and more about products that have eco-friendly packaging (think recyclable cardboard boxes and reusable glass bottles) as well as natural ingredients.


The report also dives into brand loyalty and shopping habits. It found that boomers are most likely to have a preferred brand of cleaning products that they almost always buy, while younger generations tend to switch things up often. And nearly half of Gen Z and millennials use the same cleaning products as their parents — they do tend to know best, after all.

Even with all these differences, we still have one thing in common — we like to clean. And according to the report, the bulk of Americans like to clean their home because it makes them feel better. How wholesome are we?



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