This Nostalgic DIY LEGO Floating Shelf Only Costs $2

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There is just something so sentimental about LEGOs. Think back to the nights of building your dream home, whether that was a castle or your playroom's tallest tower, listening to the satisfying click when the blocks adhered to each other, and contorting your face in agony when you accidentally stepped on a lone piece.


You have probably seen giant LEGOs taking over TikTok, as creators are using them as quirky furniture pieces around their homes. We curated our own list that rounds up where to buy the big LEGOS, but TikToker @blondesigns showed us how to create our own DIY floating LEGO shelf — no big purchases necessary.

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The creator lucked out and found an empty LEGO container at a thrift store for only $2. They wiped down the plastic and made sure it was ready to paint. The TikToker then sprayed on about three layers worth of pink paint. In order to ensure the color was even, they added each coat lightly and made sure it dried completely before adding the next layer. Lastly, they went over it with shellac to protect the paint.

The TikTok user had some vinyl bumpers lying around, so they adhered them to the back four corners of the box, creating a buffer between the shelf and the wall.

When it was finally time to put the shelf on the wall, @blondesigns discovered that the container already had two holes on the back, so all they needed to do was level the shelf before screwing it into the surface.


As the creator showed off the final product, they mentioned that the shelf was unexpectedly sturdy, as they could put stuff both inside the shelf and on top of it. This is particularly nice because it means you could use the interior to hide objects you don't want to be visible all the time — like extra wires.


The finished product came out absolutely adorable and added a touch of nostalgia to @blondesigns' home. Plus, you don't have to worry about stepping on any LEGOs.



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