This DIY Drippy Shelf Is About to Become a Household Trend

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There are so many talented DIYers out there, like this person who made a gorgeous DIY planter using a stained glass lampshade, and this creator who built a table out of recycled cardboard. Just when you think they can't get any more creative than that, TikToker @blondesigns produced the most adorable drippy shelf that reminds us the possibilities are truly endless.


They begin by measuring out how big they want the shelf to be. Next, on a piece of wood, the DIYer draws out the dripping shapes with pencil before going in with a Jig Saw to carve out the outlines.

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The TikToker takes the dripping shapes and attaches them to the base of the shelf using wood glue before going in with screws for extra security. They then use wood filler to close in the gaps and cover the screws so they don't show.

Next, they sand the whole shelf down to make it smooth and decide to hang it right then and there without painting, going for more of a plywood look. While the wooden shelf looks stunning on the creator's wall, commenters were quick to suggest adding a bit of color. So, in a subsequent video, @blondesigns honored the recommendations and painted the shelf a light purple.

The shelves were a hit among the TikTok community, so much so that the creator decided to begin selling them on Etsy. Due to its popularity, the shelf is currently sold out, but our fingers are crossed it will be restocked soon. Either way, we know exactly how to make our own now.



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