This DIYer Upcycled Old Cardboard Into a Beautiful Table

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Just about anything can be upcycled these days. Upcycling is the process of taking an item and repurposing it into a product of higher value. Creators have been upcycling old dressers, nightstands in need of a little TLC, and even pool noodles. Now, TikToker @eclette_ has taken things up a notch and created a table made entirely of recycled cardboard — and the result is jaw-droppingly gorgeous.


They begin by measuring out layers upon layers of cardboard into the shape of a table, and using a plate to round out the top edges. Then, the layers of cardboard are stacked on top of each other in order to create the basic model.

Video of the Day

The creator uses what looks to be plaster, but confirms in the comments that it's actually a secret concoction that they create themselves, to cover the stack of cardboard, smearing it on with their hands. Once the plaster-like substance has hardened, they sand down the table so that the base is smooth and there aren't any sharp edges. To finish it off, the table is painted white.

The result is absolutely stunning as the video pans to the final product standing proudly in a home holding books and a vase.

Commenters were in awe of the finished work (as are we) and expressed their love for the sustainable furniture piece on the video.


With a little creative thinking, almost anything can be made sustainably from items you already own — and the outcomes are unquestionably brilliant.

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