This TikTok Dresser Update Is a Lesson in Upcycling

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We'd all leap at the chance to turn $0 into $400, right? TikTok user and DIY expert @prettylittleflips, also known as Jasmine, did just that after salvaging an old dresser online for free —"My favorite price tag!" she says — and refurbishing it to achieve a modern look.


Video of the Day

In a short video tutorial, Jasmine shows us how she worked her magic on the dilapidated dresser, taking it from drab to fab.

The original stain on the dresser was already peeling off, so Jasmine took a 120-grit electric sander to the wood to remove the rest and prep the wood for painting. There were decorative wooden chunks along the front of the dresser that she "wasn't vibing with," so she pried those off altogether to start with a fresh, stripped-down canvas.


To smooth out the wood after sanding, she applied Dixie Mud to fill in the remaining imperfections and the existing hardware holes. Jasmine then used a drill to make new holes for the replacement hardware. With some help, she sawed off the decorative flourishes at the bottom of the dresser to make it a straight edge.


At this stage of the project, she was ready to paint! She used two coats of Sawmill Gravy by Dixie Belle. The final touch: new brass handles on all of the drawers, adding a sophisticated and elevated regency feel to the dresser.


When Jasmine reveals the finished product at the end of her TikTok, its virtually unrecognizable from the opening of the video, and hard to believe that it's the same dresser.

One thing's for sure: Jasmine certainly lives up to her "@prettylittleflips" TikTok name!


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