These Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands Are Both Sustainable and Stylish

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Due to the stress of a global pandemic this year, many of us have instinctively gravitated toward nature, spending more time outside, taking in soothing scenery, and appreciating the little things. Oftentimes, with that reverence for all-things-outdoors comes a desire to be more eco-friendly, too.

Luckily, there are so many ways to be sustainable in our homes, but one really big thing we can do is invest in eco-friendly furniture. Look for pieces from companies that prioritize sustainable practices. This can include sourcing materials in a way that doesn't negatively affect the environment, turning to renewable resources, and avoiding chemicals during the manufacturing process — which is also good for you and your family.

When shopping, look for sustainable wood and recycled or organic materials that lend themselves to earth-friendly upholstery, such as cotton and hemp. Right now, these 10 eco-friendly furniture brands are topping our list.

1. Medley

Founded by two brothers, this eco-friendly furniture brand creates some of the comfiest pieces around and does it without harsh chemicals. Plus every item is handcrafted in California to boot.

2. Avocado

Did you know that this eco-friendly, cult mattress brand also offers furniture? Go here when you want to track down quality-meets-green bedroom items, including dressers, end tables, and bed frames.

3. Floyd

With a mission to avoid throwing furniture away in landfills, Floyd creates modern furniture that's built to last. Plus, they specialize in modular designs, meaning the pieces can be built and taken apart easily.

4. The Citizenry

It's no secret that we love The Citizenry around here, mainly because they're in the business of current style and ethical sourcing. These furniture pieces are all made from materials found locally and crafted by artisans.

5. Sabai

Modular with the ability to be customized, Sabai is also affordable, which is music to our ears. With a narrow focus on seating, their pieces are comfy and manufactured sustainably.

6. Kalon Studios

It's not every day that you come across furniture that's both beautifully modern and eco-friendly, but Kalon Studios definitely fits the bill. The brand has a deep commitment to creating sustainable products that you want to keep for a lifetime. Everything is produced by skilled craftspeople in the U.S. using environmentally friendly materials and finishes.

7. Made Trade

Calling themselves "ethically elevated," Made Trade values sustainability way above mass production. They also focus on fair wages and superior craftsmanship, resulting in chic pieces you'll adore for years to come.

8. Whom Home

If you're in the market for a customized furniture piece, but you still want to be green, look no further than Whom Home. Every piece is custom-built in an eco-friendly factory, so you can feel good about shopping to your heart's content.

9. CB2

We bet you shop CB2 pretty often, but did you know that they have a huge line of sustainable furniture? Each piece has that trademark style, ideal for contemporary spaces with the planet in mind.

10. Jardan

This Australian company ships worldwide, so you're in luck if you want to order one of their sleek, on-trend pieces for your home. Family-owned and made by hand, everybody wins, including the environment.

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