The Best Places to Shop for Rustic Furniture and Decor

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Some like bold patterns, while others prefer muted and sleek. But for the home decorator whose style leans rustic, there's nothing quite like natural beauty. They're of the belief that not all wood needs to be polished or painted. If you really want your rustic decor to be authentic, look for things that are beautifully weathered. This means a lot of wood, stone, burlap, and even canvas.


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Rustic furniture and decor invite warmth into a space, playing on natural elements to create an inside complementing the outside. Whether you're looking for Barnwood or birch or the finishing piece for your home, or you're just beginning to plan, you'll want to start at these nine best places for creating the rustic office, living room, dining room, or bedroom of your dreams.


Material and quality are at the heart of Castlery. They don't want fad pieces destined to go out of style. Instead, they celebrate natural beauty, making their furniture out of quality materials made to last. From bedroom furniture to dining room tables, you can find the incorporation of sturdy, beautiful woods, including Acacia and American Walnut.


Our pick:Seb Extendable Dining Table, $799

For rustic decor that doesn't break the bank, there's no place better than Goodies, a California-based home goods store. Whether you're looking for a decorative wooden catchall for your bookshelf or ceramic plates to round out your kitchen, Goodies has the selection to help you with your finishing touches.


Our pick​: Salt and Pepper Dish, $16

Though it might have started as a small, run-from-home business in Atlanta in the early '80s, Ballard Designs has become much more than a local favorite. This online shopping place is a great spot to go for rustic furniture and decor. The company keeps its offerings relatively simple in terms of design, with natural woods, textures, and colors.


Our pick​: Elly Storage Side Table, $466.65

While the entire store is not dedicated to rustic decor, Pottery Barn has a large selection of more modern rustic pieces. With an entire section of their website dedicated to sustainability — including their effort, impact, and sustainable pieces to shop — you'll be able to find everything from solid wood serving boards to spruce, pine, and fir wood TV stands.


Our pick​: Faux Antler Linear Chandelier, $899

Holistic Habitat is all about finding "a meeting point between sustainability and selection." In living up to that motto, they're bringing shoppers a variety of unique, reclaimed wood pieces. With everything from furniture to decor to things for your urban greenhouse, you might not need to shop anywhere else.


Our pick​: Salvaged Wood and Metal Shelves, $220

While the brand might not be traditionally rustic, much of their home design finds inspiration in nature. You can find earthy tones throughout their home selections and organic textures in both their rugs and blankets. And light woods and intentionally imperfect finishings can add an element of hominess to a residence with a more modern build.


Our pick​: Margate Reclaimed Wood Console Table, $1,098

If part of shopping rustic means opting for vintage — because tapping into that natural element can mean shopping sustainably — allow us to introduce you to Elsie Green. This small, family-run business out of Northern California has offerings both old and new which, regardless of age, all offer timeless quality. Shop everything from coffee tables to wall decor.

Our pick​: Vintage Chanvre Pillow Cover, $129

While they might primarily be a mattress seller, don't overlook Avocado's selection of furniture. Though small — the brand only offers 15 products — the furniture selection is top-notch and includes a rustic bed frame, end table, and dresser to match.

Our pick: Natural Wood Bedframe, $2,175

The name kind of says it all. Adam's is a shop dedicated to all-natural, wooden furniture and decor. The style is a little less modern than the other offering, leaning more towards a cabin aesthetic. Our favorite offering can be found in their outdoor selection: a wooden porch swing, a staple if you're going for a more traditional rustic look.

Our pick:​ Marlboro Swing, $585