The 14 Best Places to Shop for Scandi-Inspired Furniture and Decor

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There must be something in the water in Scandinavia — this Nordic region comprising Denmark, Sweden, and Norway has some of the best design of any part of the world, and it seems like there's never been a time when this wasn't the case. Blame it on the concept of ​hygge​ and other regional ideas emphasizing the importance of a cozy and welcoming home, but there's something about Scandinavian design that's pretty much unmatched in our eyes. Unfortunately, that often comes with a serious price tag — all that teak and handwoven cane don't come cheap.


Luckily, there ​are​ tons of companies innovating less expensive ways to get the look with Scandi-inspired designs that don't break the bank. (We likely have IKEA to thank for leading the charge.) Here are some of our all-time favorite places to pick up those special Scandinavian items that can instantly elevate any corner of your home and become conversation pieces — whether you decide to splurge on a designer original or opt for the knock-off version is up to you.


We'd be remiss if we didn't kick things off with a mention of the Swedish powerhouse that introduced accessible Scandi design to the globe, especially with all the one-off collections and collabs they've been offering lately. No matter if you're furnishing your first place or looking for some decor accents on a budget (that look easily 10x the price), IKEA is calling.

2. Danish Design Store

It's right there in the name, after all. Danish Design Store prides itself on being a top source for all things Danish, which translates to tons of sleek yet cozy Scandi style for all — including new, obsession-worthy brands like Bolia you might not've encountered before.

3. Design Within Reach

Your favorite spendy source for shopping contemporary American designers also happens to be a great place to find iconic Danish and Swedish designers (and even the odd Finnish fave like Eero Saarinen). From classic greats to lesser-known houses creating Scandi-inspired furniture everywhere from LA to London, DWR can't be beat.


4. France and Søn

Believe it or not, the same online shop that stocks designs by celebs like Joanna Gaines and Ellen DeGeneres also has a huge inventory of Scandi-inspired staples, like lounge chairs inspired by Hans Wegner and light fixtures inspired by architect Jorn Utzon.

5. HAY

Hailing from Copenhagen and synonymous with translating classic Scandi style into today's essential pieces, HAY is a stellar source for everything from dining sets to the little homey touches — like mugs, mirrors, and wall hooks — that impart your home with an authentic hygge vibe.

6. Scandinavian Designs

A veritable wonderland of warm wood tones, inviting armchairs, and sleek storage pieces, Scandinavian Designs curates the best of Nordic-inspired style into one expansive online showroom — you could definitely furnish your entire house here.

7. Rove Concepts

Another West Coast-based company that specializes in Swedish and Danish designs, Rove Concepts handcrafts the vast majority of their stock in their own warehouse, so it's a smart pick for high-style, high-quality pieces that aren't quite at DWR's "say goodbye to your entire paycheck" levels.


8. Poly&Bark

If you're looking to achieve the Scandi look on a budget, look no further than Poly&Bark. The company draws inspiration from the minimalist lines and organic materials of time-honored Danish and Swedish designs, but reproduces them at a price point that will suit any apartment-dweller.

9. Huset

Literally meaning "the house" in Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian, this online design shop stocks contemporary Scandi brands like Menu, Ferm Living, and Normann Copenhagen — and even features clothing and accessories as well, in case you want to ​really​ lean into the Scandi lifestyle.

10. Hem

The Stockholm-based brand is a home decorator's dream for thoughtful, eco-consciously-produced pieces, from the big stuff that anchors a room all the way down to tabletop showstoppers in gleaming copper and brass that will make your next dinner party one for the books. The best part: your budget is safe with HEM.

11. MENU


While you'd be forgiven for mixing up Menu and Muuto, Hem, and HAY — what is it with Scandinavian design brands and one-word names? — Menu definitely leaves an impression with its ultra-sleek and tightly curated selection of Scandi goodness. Their stock leans heavily toward a stark palette of blacks, whites, and wood tones (fittingly so, considering the nordic region's love for neutrals), so minimalists will feel particularly at home shopping their sculptural matte-finish lighting and marble-accented mirrors.

12. Ferm Living

Let it never be said that Scandinavian design doesn't have a sense of humor. Ferm favors rounded, whimsical furniture shapes, bold color blocking, squiggly ceramics, and mirrors that look like they're melting over the ultra-stiff styles you might've been expecting ... and that's part of what makes them so irresistible.

13. A + R

Expect a bit of everything from this high-design web shop, from a catalog of global designers taking their cues from Nordic style to true OGs who learned the rules of Danish design only to break them to bits — we're looking at you, Verner Panton.


14. Grandpa

A veritable design paradise hidden among Stockholm's winding streets, Grandpa caters to the international crowd with a truly buzzworthy collection of both clothing and home items (or "life store", as they call the category). Understated furniture from their house brand mingles with more eclectic finds from Danish brand Frama, bedding from Sweden's Midnatt, and appropriately oddball art prints from local artists. Shopping Grandpa is a surefire way to be voted "most in-the-know" by your design-savvy friends.


Emily Bihl is a freelance writer and sometimes-songwriter who can invariably be found rearranging furniture in a domicile somewhere along the Mississippi River. She lives with her black labrador Selkie and a small army of homemade ceramics, and has not willingly closed a browser tab since 2011.