Bolia Is the Scandi Brand I Am Newly Obsessed With

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When it comes to Scandinavian furniture companies, it can be hard to pick favorites. After all, those Swedes and Danes just seem to know how to design beautiful things that are also high quality. The latest brand to pop up on my radar is Bolia, which commissions an all-star design team to create luxe yet timeless pieces. Over here in the States, the easiest way to get their stuff is to order through Danish Design Store. Fair warning, though: Bolia requires a big budget. But, if you're going to invest, put your money in Scandi design. Here's what I'm crushing on ...


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The first item to catch my eye was the Amber dresser ($2,257), which is basically THE answer to my bedroom storage woes. Even if you decide to change up the look of your bedroom, I feel like you'd be able to work around this (especially in the black paneling with leather handles ::muah::).

Do I "need" this fringed pouf ($477) that looks like a jellyfish and an issue of Elle Decor had a baby? Probably not. But I kind of neeeeed it, if you know what I mean.

The Lady armchair ($1,728) is also something I'll be putting in my bedroom after I rob this bank, brb.

Never before had I considered putting a purple sofa ($4,383) in my home, but whatever, life is short. Especially since I have now robbed this bank and am on the lam.

The Como coffee table's terrazzo top ($2,407) is exactly what I need to pair with my new purple sofa. If you'll excuse me for a moment, I just need to collect the life insurance on my recently deceased husband. Le sad!


I now need a place to sit, reflect, and grieve ... Which I'll be doing on Bolia's Posea bench ($422).

Life status update! I am moving to the Bahamas and am completely redoing my decor in a more natural-boho thing, so I'm thinking about the Latch coffee table ($2,081).

I'm in the Bahamas now, but I haven't been feeling well, so I saw the doctor. He said I have some rare disease that requires me to sit on a curved velvet couch for several hours a day, or else I might DIE! It is very expensive to treat and unfortunately, my health insurance won't cover the Grace three-seater ($2,549)! But I'm sure I'll find a way ...


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