I Tried Floyd's New Sectional Sofa — Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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(This review has been updated as of January 2022 to reflect new thoughts.)


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When Floyd announced earlier this year that it was coming out with a new sectional sofa, I was all ears. Of course, pretty much all of its new furniture releases are of interest to us here at Hunker — the Detroit-based company is always coming up with new ways to make cool design accessible to the masses. And while I love the brand's original sofa, it's more apartment-sized — I've been on the hunt for something spacious and modern.

When I saw Floyd's new sectional (simply called The Sectional), I thought it would be a great option for our family. First, I am heavily pregnant and will need a comfortable space to breastfeed — The Sectional seemed to offer quite a bit of depth and good back support. Second, with the arrival of a new baby, my husband and I will probably be moving in the near future. Whether we come into a living room that's smaller, or larger, we know we need a couch that can adjust to new living quarters — The Sectional is fully modular, meaning it can be broken down, reconfigured, and updated. (More on that in a second.)

(Disclosure: Although Floyd supplied a sectional sofa to me free of charge, this did not influence my review in any way.)

The Specs

Image Credit: Leonora Epstein/Hunker

I'm no good at math, but I'd imagine there are dozens of possible combinations you can choose with The Sectional. Floyd has preselected two-, three-, four-, and five-seater options, but you really can build out your own custom design with the various pieces, so it's completely up to you depending on what look you're going for/what your needs are: maybe you want something without arms or even without a sectional; perhaps you need something U-shaped to suit a large space; or you need to integrate your coffee table into the couch, in which case you can add a modular table. Whichever combo you choose, the pieces simply connect at the bottom via plastic clips.


The cushioning is meant to be firm to minimize sagging. Per Floyd, the couch is constructed of two layers of foam with a firmer bottom layer and more give on the top.

The fabric is also meant to be high-performance. It's 100% polyester and "coated with short chain fluorocarbon-based treatment for stain resistance."

Image Credit: Leonora Epstein/Hunker


Pricing starts at $1,540, which is just for a two-seater. From there, cost truly depends on the customization you go with. The configuration pictured, which I chose, costs $2,340 before taxes and shipping.

Choosing a custom configuration can be a bit confusing on the Floyd site. I'd recommend going straight to this page, which offers an overview of each individual unit.

Pros and Cons

Image Credit: Leonora Epstein/Hunker

I fell in love with Floyd's main promotional image of The Sectional, which features a Right Arm Chaise, a Middle piece, and a Left Side Chaise in Off-White (it also comes in light gray, dark gray, navy, and green), so I went with that exact color and configuration. Setup took minutes (the delivery people really did just push the pieces together and — click! Done). The completed couch looked fairly close to the photo to me, with the exception of the fabric puckering ever-so-slightly in a few places. Floyd's photo does give you the impression that the fabric is almost attached to the frame of the couch, but there is some give. And in the Floyd photo, certain edges appear to not have seams, whereas in real life, there are seams on the front edges of the seat cushions, which might be what threw me a bit.


I was also surprised by just how much room my chosen configuration takes up. Yes, I measured the space, but it took a minute to adjust to our new king-sized couch — there really is quite a lot of depth! No worries, I thought — if we have to move to a smaller living room, I can just take the middle piece out for use as a standalone chair, and push the two chaises together.

As for the feel/comfort: It's right up my alley. While it looks stiff/firm, there's just enough give on the bottom cushions for you to get cozy. And you can still appreciate the firmness, knowing that as the years go on, you will lose some of that. You can also truly feel that the construction is quality — there's no creaking or wobble thanks to the sturdy OSB (oriented strand board) frame made from Southern Yellow Pine.

My only minor issue — which is probably exacerbated by pregnancy — is the backrest. It is a low backrest, which creates a very cool profile, but can feel a bit awkward and slightly uncomfortable depending on how you want to recline. We're currently on the hunt for lumbar pillows to add to the couch, which I actually think will make the piece look even cuter.

So far, the fabric holds up well. When the couch arrived, we actually noticed what seemed to be a faint water mark on the corner. A damp rag wiped it away with ease.

(Update: Some five months on, I'd say I still feel that our Floyd couch is comfortable, yet I'm not super pleased with how it looks after some wear. Those seams I talked about before — they're now misaligned. There is puckering and sagging around the edges of the cushions. After some time, it just feels a bit worn-in, granted it did get a lot of use in the past few months. From across the room, the couch still looks good; up close you can see the flaws. While the fabric is easy to clean, the white color is starting to feel a little dirty, although I'm sure a Bissell upholstery cleaner would make it seem way better.)



The Floyd Sectional is an awesome option for people seeking an affordable, modern sectional. Coming in around $2,500 (depending on configuration/size), it's really a great price for a quality piece that plays the part of a designer couch. The fabric stands up well to wear-and-tear. It's mostly very comfortable. Does it look 100% like the photo on the Floyd website? No, but it's 98% close and I'm happy with the overall appearance.

(Update: I still feel like $2,500 is affordable for the massive size of this sectional couch. Months on, it's still a comfortable couch, it's just not quite retaining its modern look as the cushions wear in and the fabric moves around.)

The Sectional, $1,540-$3,700