14 Sustainable Brands You Should Be Following

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Every Earth Day offers an opportunity to step back and reflect: what items do you purchase frequently for your household that could actually get replaced by more sustainable ones? Or if you've got a wish list of decor items, can you buy them from a brand that uses eco-friendly practices?

We're firm believers that every bit counts when it comes to a more nature-conscious lifestyle — without needing to sacrifice style. Check out just a few of our favorite shops with a focus on sustainability:



Working with "family-run workshops and independently-run cooperatives," MINNA carries chic designs with a focus on traditional craft techniques. The brand makes the sourcing of natural and sustainable materials a priority in its production process.

2. Stasher

A stylish replacement for single-use plastic bags, Stasher reusable bags are non-toxic and made of platinum silicone. The brand has also kicked off campaigns like the 30-Day Plastic-Free Challenge and beach clean-ups with Surfrider Foundation to continue its mission.

3. Coyuchi

The experts at Coyuchi focus on offering items made of 100% organic cotton, wool, latex, down, and linen. All bedding basics come in a reusable bag; you can give your old linens back to their 2nd Home program, where they are upcycled or recycled.

4. Jungalow

Justina Blakeney always tops our list of talented designers and we often save her interiors on Insta for later inspo. Her brand, Jungalow, features everything from vases to pillows to rugs. The company has an ongoing commitment to using "natural, recycled, recycle-able and compostable material" when possible and has previously donated to organizations like The Rainforest Alliance.


5. U-Konserve

Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton created U-Konserve to make packing lunch a less wasteful process. The certified B Corporation continues to look for ways to create easy alternatives to single-use materials for the whole family. The brand's products include reusable straws, to-go lunch containers, bamboo utensils, and reusable ice packs.

6. The Little Market

Co-founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, The Little Market focuses on ethically-sourced items from artisan groups around the world. Conrad states that the brand "prioritizes eco-conscious practices in every step of [their] practice."

7. Smidge

Smidge is all about biodegradable alternatives to kitchen utensils and wares. A portion of the proceeds from sales through their site goes to the UK's Marine Conservation Society. The retailer's website is currently closed for orders, but you can find them on Urban Outfitters.

8. The Citizenry

Carrying everything from kitchen accessories to bedroom staples, The Citizenry works with local artisans and uses local materials in its pieces. Their handmade items are available in limited collections, making each one unique.


9. Armadillo & Co.

Using natural and recycled materials, Armadillo & Co. rugs are created by artisans in India. A portion of proceeds go to The Armadillo & Co Foundation, which focuses on supporting children in the areas where these makers live.

10. Buffy

While pursuing the mission of super-comfy bedding, Buffy also puts an emphasis on nature-friendly manufacturing. The company carries sheets made from sustainably-grown eucalyptus; it also transforms materials like plastic bottles and uses natural dyes.

11. Eskayel

Shanan Campanaro takes inspiration for designs from nature and travel, resulting in the textiles you see on Eskayel. The company utilizes "water-based pigment ink, regional production and sustainably sourced materials" and also donates to organizations like Greenpeace and Union of Concerned Scientists.

12. Boll & Branch

Using 100% sustainable raw materials, Boll & Branch offers bedding and bath fundamentals. The company estimates that in 2018, their use of organic cotton saved more than 592 million gallons of water.


13. Rough Linen

Rough Linen works on a 97% local production model and uses off-cuts to create items that don't require as much material. The company also has a no-plastic-allowed policy when it comes to its materials and packaging.

14. Selva Negra

Though primarily known for fashion items, Selva Negra also carries chic pillowcases like this pick. The company uses dead stock fabric (to avoid buying new fabric) when possible and uses extra material to make smaller items like scrunchies; it also uses 100% recycled and recyclable materials when it comes to shipping.


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