In Honor of Earth Day, Here Are 22 Eco-Friendly (and Super Stylish) Home Items

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It's so important now more than ever to be environmentally conscious and mindful of how we treat our planet. But how can you incorporate this into making your home beautiful? With so many brands out there offering a variety of eco-friendly home products, you'll never have trouble creating a "green" home you can be proud of. From disposable palm leaf bowls to a sparkling water carbonator, here are our top picks for products to make your space more environmentally sustainable.

1. Coyuchi Cirrus Supersoft Organic Cotton Throw, $148

Yes, 100% organic Turkish cotton that you can feel good about snuggling up under.

2. Food52 Five Two Silicone Straws, $25

These are bendable, eco-friendly, and perfectly portable.

3. Naturally Chic Round Disposable Palm Leaf Bowls, $17.95

Unlike paper or bamboo plates, these aren't harvested but collected from naturally fallen palm leaves in southern India. And while they are disposable, they're sturdy enough to last through a few meals.

4. Dot and Army Reusable Pot Scrubbers (set of five), $32

Steel wool may be your saving grace when elbow deep in dirty dishes, but when not in use, it can get pretty grimy. These are made of nylon so they're not only great for scrubbing, but you can also toss 'em into the wash and use them again and again.

5. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap, $10.60

The sweet scent of this soap will actually make you want to do the dishes.

6. The Container Store Bamboo Magnetic KNIFEdock, $29.99

Here's a cool way to display your knives while also preventing them from getting dull.

7. Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier, $388

Developed from the brilliant minds of NASA airflow engineers, this purifier cleans 700 square feet every 30 minutes to provide a big impact with a small footprint.

8. Dot & Army Reusable Bamboo Utensils & Wrap, $36

Forever bid single-use plastic cutlery adieu.

9. Household Essentials Bamboo Accordion Drying Rack, $41.49

Now that the temperature's on the rise for summer, cut down your dryer usage by hang-drying some of your more delicate pieces. Bonus points for using an easily renewable material like bamboo.

10. Aarke Sleek Sparkling Water Carbonator, $219.95

Ditch disposable plastic bottles and have fresh bubbly water on tap at all times? Sounds like a win-win to us.

11. Kitchen+Home Bamboo Towels, $8.99

Made out of bamboo, these are more durable and more absorbent than regular paper towels, machine washable, and reusable up to 120 times before discarding — meaning one roll replaces 60 conventional paper towel rolls.

12. West Elm Eco-Stay Rug Pad, starting at $12.80

Made from 100% soybean oil, this eco-friendly rug pad provides strong gripping power to prevent slippage.

13. Bullseye's Playground Reusable Ice Cubes, $10

Preserve water while Insta-priming all of your summer cocktails.

14. Costa Farms Sansevieria Zeylanica Air-Purifying Indoor Plant, $26.04

This plant is known for its tough-as-nails life expectancy (read: hard to kill), but it's also pegged as one of the top plants for air purification, so you can breathe even easier knowing it won't die immediately upon purchase.

15. Amir Solar Powered Copper Wire Fairy Lights, $9.99

Add a warm glow to your backyard without worrying about stretching extension cords to your nearest outlet with solar powered twinkle lights.

16. SoYoung Lunch Poche Bag, $33

Let's bring lunch bags back.

17. Goop Scented Candle: Edition 01 - Church (Non-Toxic, All-Natural), $72

This is a scent composed entirely of rare, all-natural elements imbued with the power to entrance and transform.

18. The Container Store Large Bamboo Jar with Cork Lid, $9.99

This bamboo storage jar is made of natural fiber, with a bright hue that's been dyed into the material for a fun pop of color. A cork top provides a seal — ideal for sugar, salt, and other spices.

19. Anthropologie Rootfoot Palo Santo Bundle, $15

Use plant-based incense to get your space fully Zen.

20. Coyuchi Organic Linen Chambray Sheets, starting at $118

Organic linen makes up less than 1% of the world's linen supply, so you'll sleep easy knowing you're making a good impact on the world.

21. Bee's Wrap Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Wraps, $18

Ditch the plastic wrap once and for all and go for this sustainable option instead.

22. Water Hyacinth Placemats (set of four), $24.99

Handcrafted from eco-friendly water hyacinth plants and perfect for dressing up your dinner table.

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