From Ceramics to Bedding, Here are 80+ AAPI-Owned Businesses to Support

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For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’re highlighting some of the people and brands you should know about all year long.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month kicks off in May each year. To show solidarity and celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, it's important to not only support AAPI-owned businesses but also dedicate some time to learn about the history of anti-Asian racism in America and stay informed on the hate crimes that are still occurring.


With an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in major cities since 2020, it's even more important to honor and support the AAPI community. There are also plenty of amazing organizations to donate to, including Heart of Dinner, Stop AAPI Hate, Asian Women Alliance, Gold House, Apex for Youth, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

In addition to education and donations, we've rounded up 80+ AAPI-owned home and lifestyle brands below that you can shop and support now.


August Sage: Homeware brand August Sage was founded by sisters Lily and Rowena Lei in 2018 after a trip to Oaxaca, where they met with textile artisans. August Sage offers a range of home decor, from alpaca throws to Moroccan recycled glassware.


Bookhou: Founded by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj in 2002, Bookhou is stocked with home goods, bags, and more.

Eny Lee Parker: A spatial designer based in New York, Eny Lee Parker crafts primarily clay-based lighting, furniture, and home goods.

Felicia Liang: This California-based artist creates illustrated works of art — some of which support New York City's Chinatown — inspired by her experience and identity as an Asian American.


Juniper + Fir: Founded by Southern California native and artist Maya Slininger, this textile shop features handcrafted macrame wall decor.

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio: Founded by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee in 2010, the design duo crafts contemporary lighting, sculptures, and jewelry.


Maaari: Maaari is a home good, jewelry, and accessories brand founded by Filipina American women Jeanette Sawyer, Ivy Ocampo, and Samantha Roxas.


Noho Home: Noho Home is a luxury home decor brand with Hawai'i-inspired designs. Founded by designer Jalene Kanani Bell in 2018, the brand offers a range of textiles including bedding, area rugs, pillows, tablecloths, and more.


Oh Joy!: Oh Joy! is a lifestyle brand and design company founded by Joy Cho. Bringing colorful designs to life, Cho has collaborated with businesses all over the world, including Target, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.

Sage Collective: Founded by Feng Ye, Sage Collective is a home and wellness brand that honors Chinese culture with artisan-made goods — including mugs and hand-painted plates — along with premium tea, beauty products, and more.


SIN: Founded by Virginia Sin, SIN has all sorts of dreamy home goods from porcelain paper plates to table lamps. You can also find SIN pieces at West Elm and Food52.

Taroko Moon: Taroko Moon is a handmade soap shop with products inspired by Asian goods. Founded by Monica Chen, you can get adorable soaps that look like dumplings and mooncakes.


The Wicked Boheme: Founded by Anh Nguyen, The Wicked Boheme features sustainable and handmade home decor, from rattan furniture to coconut wax candles.


Baisun Candle Co.: Founded by Brandon Leung, Baisun Candle Co. offers soy candles with Asian-inspired scents like Vietnamese coffee and White Rabbit candy.



Ilha Candles: Founded by Michelle Hsu, Ilha features handcrafted candles made with natural soy wax and toxin-free fragrances.

Iris Candle Cafe: Founded in 2020 by Iris Anjelika, the Boston-based shop offers taiyaki-shaped candles in food and drink scents reminiscent of her childhood and Filipino culture.


Scrumptious Wicks: Scrumptious Wicks was founded in 2017 by Sonya Malani Panchal, an eye doctor and candle lover. Made with soy wax and phthalate-free fragrances, Scrumptious Wicks offers scents inspired by the Indian American household Sonya grew up in.

Trail575: Trail575 is a soy wax candle brand founded by Julie Cheung. It combines nature and haiku with earthy scents made from phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils — and a poem on each candle.

Bedding and Bath

Crane & Canopy: Crane & Canopy is a luxury bedding brand founded by Karin Sun. In addition to percale and linen bedding, you can also shop bath essentials and home decor.

Sijo: Sijo — a sustainable bedding brand co-founded by Anni Stromfeld and Jacob Xi — offers silky and eco-friendly sheets, comforters, pillows, mattress pads, and loungewear for a cool and comfortable night's sleep.

Wavy: Get a solid night's sleep with Wavy, a sleep brand co-founded by former fashion editor Justin Min. The brand offers sleek memory foam pillows for all kinds of sleepers and plant-based laundry detergents that come in two luxe scents.


Ceramics and Art

Alyson Iwamoto Ceramics: Ceramic artist Alyson Iwamoto creates sculptures and jewelry inspired by her home base in California and Japanese heritage.

From Tree To Sea: A biologist-turned-ceramicist, Lauren Strybos is a Chinese-Jamaican creative that makes small-batch clay goods, from vases to planters.

Grumpy Kid Studio: This Toronto-based studio offers unique and handmade ceramics, from mugs to plates.

O-M: With minimal and contemporary pieces, this ceramic and design studio founded by Carrie Lau offers one-of-a-kind handcrafted mugs, plates, planters, and more.

Pawena Studio: Thai artist Pawena Thimaporn's handcrafted and painted ceramics include bold cups, planters, and vases.

Rami Kim: Rami Kim is a Los Angeles-based artist and ceramist who handcrafts minimalist ceramic decor vases and mugs, many donned with mini faces.

Samantha Lee: From double-handle mugs to artisan vases, ceramist Samantha Lee creates stunning handmade pieces to decorate your home. Lee is also a pen and ink illustrator and offers original drawings and prints of her artwork.

Sasi Kladpetch: Featured in our very own Hunker House, Sasi Kladpetch is a San Francisco-based Thai multimedia artist that creates sculptures with concrete, resin, and natural materials, like moss and lichen.


Song Tea & Ceramics: The San Francisco-based brand, founded by Peter Luong, sells tea sourced from China and Taiwan and beautiful ceramics including teapots, cups, bowls, gaiwan (lidded bowls), and more.

Uno+Ichi: Co-founded in Los Angeles by Hana Ward in 2015, Uno+Ichi offers ceramic mugs, planters, and more.


Bowen Liu Studio: Bowen Liu is a Brooklyn-based designer who handcrafts quality furniture and objects, from candelabras made of walnut and brass to low dining/coffee tables.

Outer: Founded in 2019 by Terry Lin and Jiake Liu, Outer is a DTC outdoor furniture brand that offers sustainable chairs, tables, rugs, and more.

Sabai: Sabai is an Asian and Black women-owned brand that offers sustainable furniture. Founded by Caitlin Ellen and Phantila Phataraprasit, it produces customizable essentials like sofas, sectionals, ottomans, and loveseats.

Society Social: This furniture brand, founded in 2011 by Roxy Te, is home to colorful and timeless pieces, from lounge chairs to dining tables. You can also find lighting, home decor, and entertaining accessories at the shop.

Kitchen and Tableware

Anyday: Anyday is a line of cookware designed specifically to cook more elevated meals in your microwave. Founded in 2021 by Steph Chen, the innovative cookware brand made its official debut in March.

BlueCut: Founded by New York natives with fashion backgrounds — Chachi Prasad and Karam Kim — BlueCut was created out of the pair's love of food and fashion, offering functional and stylish aprons, workwear, and face masks.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen: Cook and chill with Chrissy Teigen's home and lifestyle brand, where you can find cookware, pantry staples, and even robes.

Lollaland: Founded by Hanna and Mark Lim, Lollaland has colorful and kid-friendly dinnerware (and was featured on ​Shark Tank​!).

Material: Bringing quality culinary goods to your home, Material has a variety of home essentials, including cooking utensils, dinnerware, and cookware. Founded by Eunice Byun and Dave Nguyen, Material recently expanded its product lineup with its first-ever ceramics collection.

Our Place: This cookware brand, founded by Shiza Shahid, is home to the one and only Always Pan — a pan that functions as eight traditional pieces of cookware in one — plus hand-painted porcelain plates and bowls and handmade glassware.

Rendall Co.: Co-founded by Syama Meagher, Rendall Co. launched in 2020 with premium face masks and has recently expanded to include aprons.

Wing on Wo & Co.: Wing on Wo & Co. is the oldest shop in New York City's Chinatown, originally founded in 1890. It's home to beautiful porcelainware and a community-based initiative, The W.O.W. Project, which supports the growth of Chinatown through art, culture, and activism.

The Wok Shop: Based in San Francisco's Chinatown, The Wok Shop features woks, steamers, hot pots, and more. Founded by Tane Chan, you can find a selection of Asian kitchen essentials for your home.

Food and Drink

BetterBrand: Redesigning food with more nutritious ingredients, Betterbrand (founded by Aimee Yang) currently offers a healthier bagel made with plant-based ingredients and "chef-crafted flavor."

Bokksu: Shop everything from gift boxes filled with Japanese snacks to market goods at Bokksu, founded by Danny Taing.

Bowlcut: Founded by Crystal Ung, Adrian Ng, and Will Kang — all children of Chinese restaurant owners — Bowlcut offers sauces inspired by their parents.

Brightland: Founded by Aishwarya Iyer, Brightland reimagines your average olive oil with chic packaging and carefully sourced olives from a family-owned California farm.

Copper Cow: This brand blends Vietnamese coffee and sustainability. It was founded by Debbie Wei Mullin and features flavors like rose latte and churro. Coffee Cow comes in recyclable packaging, and the compostable coffee is sourced from farmers in Vietnam.

Diaspora Co.: Founded by Sana Javeri Kadri, Diaspora Co. offers spices sourced from 150 farms in India and Sri Lanka.

Fly By Jing: Founded in 2018 by chef and entrepreneur Jing Gao, Fly By Jing brings Chengdu-inspired flavors to your kitchen in the form of Chinese sauces, most notably its Sichuan Chili Crisp — an all-natural, spicy, savory, and crunchy Sichuan chili sauce.

Here Here Market: Co-founded by Disha Gulati, the Chicago-based brand offers food, drinks, meal kits, gift boxes, and more.

Kasama: Kasama is a small-batch rum brand crafted in the Philippines. Founded by Alexandra Dorda, the brand ages the rum in soaked barrels for seven years to create a flavor profile of sweet pineapple, vanilla, and a bit of sea salt.

Lunar: Dubbed "Asian Americana in a can," Lunar is a craft hard seltzer made with fruits and ingredients from Asia. After testing out more than 300 recipes, the brand — created by Kevin Wong and Sean Ro — is now selling its hard seltzer nationwide.

Marquis: The Los Angeles drink brand — founded by Christopher Lai and Danny Huang — has a selection of yerba mate, green coffee, and green tea blends packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

Nguyen Coffee Supply: Founded by Sahra Nguyen, a first-generation Vietnamese American born to Vietnamese refugees, Nguyen Coffee Supply is the first specialty Vietnamese coffee company in the country. The brand offers coffee sourced from a fourth-generation farmer in Vietnam, along with phin filters.

One Stripe Chai Co.: If you love chai, head on over to One Stripe Chai. Founded by Farah Jesani, you can shop the brand's selection of chai blends and concentrates.

Omsom: Founded by sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham, Omsom brings Asian flavors to your meals with easy-to-use packets inspired by Southeast and East Asian cuisine.

Rae's Roots: Founded by Joanna Linton, Rae's Roots offers wellness teas geared towards mothers.

Sanzo: Get your fill of sparkling water with Asian-inspired flavors made with real fruit and no added sugar, thanks to founder Sandro Roco.

Spicewalla: A spice brand founded by Meherwan Irani, it offers spices, herbs, salts, blends, and rubs to elevate your cooking.

Tea Drops: Tea Drops, created by Sashee Chandran, is a Fair Trade Certified organic tea brand that offers an eco-friendly way to sip on tea. Tea Drops are made with ground tea leaves that can be dropped into a cup of water, minus the tea bag.

The Qi: Founded by Lisa Li, The Qi offers stunning (and tasty) flower tea.

Umamicart: Stock your kitchen with Umamicart's selection of more than 500 Asian products and ingredients, from vegetables to pantry staples. Founded by Andrea Xu and Will Nichols, Umamicart is changing the online grocery experience and is currently available in select states in the Northeast region of the United States.

Us Two Tea: Us Two Tea, founded by Maggie Xue, is bringing premium and authentic Asian tea to homes with tea sourced directly from three small family-owned farms in Taiwan.

West 32 Soju: Distilled in the U.S. and co-founded by Dan Lee and Max Fine, West 32 Soju offers a low ABV and calorie spirit made with premium ingredients.

Yun Hai: Founded by Lisa Cheng Smith and Ivan Wu in 2018, Yun Hai offers premium Chinese and Taiwanese cooking ingredients from small businesses.


Blueland: Ditch single-use plastics with sustainable cleaning brand Blueland. Co-founded by Sarah Paiji Yoo, Blueland offers eco-friendly household products — including refill tablets with recyclable packaging and refillable spray bottles and containers made to last — to help you cut back on your plastic waste.


Aviron: Take your workouts up a notch with home rowing brand Aviron — founded by Andy Hoang. According to the brand, it's the first of its kind to integrate streaming services (like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu), so you can work up a sweat while catching up on your favorite shows.

Chunky: A Los Angeles-based brand that highlights AAPI design and creativity, Chunky offers art prints, stationery, stickers, and more.

Clean Circle: Clean Circle is an eco-friendly makeup wipes brand founded by Lena Chao. Made of bamboo velour that you can throw in the wash, Clean Circle's reusable skincare pads are the perfect alternative to single-use cotton rounds.

Grovemade: Makeover your workspace with Grovemade — a home office brand co-founded Ken Tomita — that offers desk pads, stands, and more.

Para Sa'Yo: Founded by Filipina American sisters Michele and Anna-Marie Josue, Para Sa'Yo offers curated gift boxes with products made by Filipino artists and brands.

Pearl River Mart: A staple in New York City, Pearl River Mart is a family-run, Asian American store where you can find Asian-inspired goods including housewares, snacks, and more.

Poketo: With everything from stationery to home decor, Poketo — founded in 2003 by husband and wife duo Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung — is stocked with colorful, design-forward pieces.

Retold Recycling: Give your clothes and textiles new life and out of landfills with this recycling program co-founded by Alan Yeoh.

Selfmade: A wellness brand founded by Stephanie Lee in 2020, Selfmade blends mental health with beauty to encourage ritual and emotional intelligence with its three-piece collection of serums and scrubs.

Siren: Founded in 2017, Siren has a curated selection of Japan, Hawaiʻi, and Seattle-made goods, including candles, ceramics, and stationery.

The Woobles: Founded by Justine Tiu and Adrian Zhang, The Woobles is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to crochet. With crochet kits and tutorials, you can create your own crochet designs in no time.


Rooted: Founded by a trio of friends — Kay Kim, Ryan Lee, and Johnny Wu — Rooted aims to help others reconnect with nature through plants.

Sanso: Sanso is a Los Angeles-based plant design company — founded by Yunice Kang — that specializes in rare plants and handmade stoneware planters.

The Sill: This DTC plant company, founded by Eliza Blank, owns up to its motto "plants make people happy" by offering a range of live and faux plants and flowers, along with plant accessories like stylish pots and soil.

Wyldbnch Plants: Founded by Pop Annemarie Chan, this Los Angeles-based creative plant shop features plants, planters, and home goods. Plus, if you shop in store, you can get potting and plant assistance.