8 Women Ceramicists You Should Know

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Welcome to Small Business Week! Join us in celebrating local shops, mom-and-pops, and more.

If it's feeling like the right time to refresh your houseware favorites and cherished decor pieces, we've got you covered with a list of some of our favorite womxn-run ceramicist shops. Even if you're just looking to browse and bookmark, these designs are scroll-worthy and endlessly inventive.


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From swirly, organic color palettes to bright, graphic patterns, these ceramics are sparking our springtime imagination — and we think you might want them lining your cupboards and counters, too.

Here are our eight favorite womxn ceramicists that we're excited to support year-round.

Marbled patterns, organic color palettes, and calming swirls have us gushing over Helen Levi's ceramics. We're mesmerized by these houseware items, and trust you'll feel the same.

Rami Kim's whimsical pieces are straight out of a story book. With a background in animation, Kim brings functional ceramics to life through leafy patterns, little human faces, and a truly poetic design.

Eny Lee Parker's expressive designs explore human traits through objects that "echo humanity in character, emotions, and even physicality," according to her website. Her work is playful, inspiring joy and wonder in every piece.


Recreation Center has us rethinking lava lamps as an essential house item. These pieces, described as contributing to "a less boring and more colorful day," have got you covered in your everyday needs — from earrings to door hooks to dog bowls.

Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Hussaini is bringing a dose of color through her ceramics line Not Work Related. If you're looking to brighten up your space with simple, graphic patterns, this is it. Sometimes utility is as essential as fun design.

Lalese Stamps' hypnotic designs give Lolly Lolly Ceramics an unmistakable look that we want all over counters. No two of these squiggly mugs are alike. The collecting possibilities are endless.

Nur Ceramics brings a subdued and earthy color palette to candleholders, bowls, vessels, and more. These nature-shaped configurations infuse a feeling of ritual in every piece.

Los Angeles-based creative studio Object Matter creates pieces that are a mix of contemporary minimal design and curvilinear, geometric patterns. They're simple and make us smile.