Love Contemporary Ceramics? Here Are the Makers You Should Be Following

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If there's one thing that we can't ignore when scrolling the depths of Etsy, or browsing local shops, it's beautifully crafted pottery. In fact, you can often find us stalking the @Ihavethisthingwithceramics feed for contemporary ceramic ideas (if you don't know about it, get to know).

There's something so captivating about products made by hand, and the idea of each piece being different from the next is something we should all appreciate a little bit more. Not to mention the impact these unique pieces can have on your home is great: They add color, pattern, texture, and shape to any interior setup. Seriously, the styling opportunities are endless.

Love contemporary ceramics just as much as us? Here are the makers you should be following for the latest ceramic trends.

1. Minx Factory

Let's get started with a splash of pattern, color, and texture — the ultimate trio — from Mexico-born artist Michelle Calvo Lefranc, the founder of Barcelona-based MINX Factory. Lefranc combines her interest in graphic design and a long-standing love of pottery by creating ceramics that speak to both worlds. Expect to find unusual shapes, hand-painted illustrations, and a sense of adventure that's fit for any room in your home.

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2. Kuu Pottery

Feeling wavy? Miami-based Kassandra Guzman, the founder of Kuu Pottery, brings her vibrant and quirky personality to each of her porcelain ceramics. Playing with organic shapes and a pastel color palette, her collections look toward nature as inspiration. Add one of her pieces to your bedroom for a whimsical touch.

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3. KB Clay

If, like us, you're obsessed with cups, in particular, may we introduce you to the works of KB Clay and her contemporary ceramic homeware? Made for holding your morning brew, these highly stylized beauties are wheel thrown in high-fire clay before each pattern and color is hand-painted on. Someone hide our wallets.

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4. Utility Objects

As much as a bold ceramic piece might catch your attention, a pared-back number can really create depth and dimension. Utility Objects offers a line of minimal ceramic home goods created by Aleisha Ellis that does just that and draws inspiration from the natural elements of modern Japanese creations. The contemporary monochrome collection appears almost stone-like, letting the texture and organic shapes do the talking.

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5. BirKim Bags

Always dreamed of a Birkin bag? Here's the next best thing — a BirKim! Playing around with the concept of supermarket bags, UK-based designer, Kimberly Williamson, uses air dry clay to create her playful pieces and adds slogan phrases that will really get your guests talking. The faux bags look great as solo pieces, but you could easily use yours as an air plant holder or place for pens.

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6. Object-Matter

Focused on minimal and contemporary form, Object-Matter (or O-M) is a Los Angeles-based ceramic studio created by artist Carrie Lau. Her signature style is abstract and playful but always centered around a modern and curvilinear form that alludes to movement. We'll let that ice cream color palette speak for itself.

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7. Sugarhouse Ceramic Co.

Couples that make together, stay together, and that's exactly the deal when it comes to the duo behind the Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. brand. Natasha and Brett make small batch pieces in the woods of Vermont, focusing on geometric forms and unusual designs that reflect their adventurous lifestyle. Add some interest to your coffee table with one of their trinket dishes.

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8. Sam Dodie Studio

Earthy ceramics are particularly good for a minimal boho interior, and Sam Block — the artist behind Sam Dodie Studio — is catering to that exact market. Based out of Seattle, but inspired by the Italian Coast, Block combines clean lines and organic patterns with natural tones and textures. Her vases are ideal for a bunch of seasonal dried flowers.

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9. The Coy Collection

We could all do with some positivity in our lives. Enter, The Coy Collection and its happy-go-lucky ceramic wares that feature smiley faces and cute patterns. Connecting artwork to self-love and care, this contemporary ceramics line aims to remind you that your home is worthy of smiles, love, and warmth.

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10. Rosemilk Ceramics

Did you know that you needed a ceramic cowboy boot in your life? You do now. Malia of Rosemilk Ceramics creates the not-so-practical hand-painted ceramics that we need in our lives. In addition to cowboy boots and hats, you'll find intricately illustrated vases and tiny pinch pots that will add something unique to any abode.

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11. Laetitia Rouget

If you don't have a wall of beautiful plates yet, where have you been? Not to worry, Laetitia Rouget has you covered with whimsical ceramics that combine her love of textiles and print. The French designer, who lives in London, adds regular drops to her website. But don't wait around, as stock goes very quickly.

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12. Seeker Stones

Last, but by no means least, these contemporary ceramics designed by Patricia Ramos have us ready to repot all of our plants. Handmade in San Francisco, her pieces have an earthy color palette and curved structure that reminds us of the '70s. Plus, they work with most interior design styles.

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