The 17 Best Plant DIYs Ever

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Your houseplants deserve some design love, too. So, to help increase the style quotient of your greenery, we rounded up some of the coolest plant DIYs we've created. From a picture frame-turned-wall planter to an IKEA plant stand hack and beyond, here are 17 DIYs that let you show off your craft skills ​andhouseplants — in style.


1. Forge a Floating Succulent Planter With an IKEA Hack

DIY IT: Turn a basic IKEA Ribba frame into a wall-mounted succulent planter with not much more than a staple gun and some chicken wire.


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2. Fashion a Shapely Hanging Planter

DIY IT: Follow this clever DIY to find out how to convert a few embroidery hoops into a Scandi-style hanging planter in less than ten steps.


3. Devise a Part Planter, Part House Number Display

DIY IT: Why settle for a standard house number when you can have one with a planter instead? Here's how to construct your own address planter box in no time.


4. Paint Your Planters

DIY IT: Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY shows us how to elevate your basic plant pots with a variety of printable paint templates.


5. Convert an IKEA Bamboo Box Into a Planter

DIY IT: Here's how to turn a popular bamboo IKEA box into an eye-catching plant stand with the help of some wooden dowels.



6. Make a Slatted Bed Base Garden

DIY IT: Nothing beats a good IKEA hack. Turn your IKEA bed slats into a clean-lined vertical garden by following this brilliant DIY.


7. Build a Boho-Inspired Hanging Planter

DIY IT: The only thing better than a gorgeous hanging planter is one that you can DIY. Follow this tutorial to create a boho-style wood hanging planter to house your herbs and succulents.


8. DIY Some Cute Pumpkin-Shaped Planters

DIY IT: Usher some serious fall vibes into your home by crafting your own mini pumpkin-shaped planters.


9. Turn Plant Leaves Into Artwork

DIY IT: Plant leaves are brimming with design opportunity. Transform a few freshly picked leaves into framed botanical art with the help of this tutorial.



10. Score a Succulent Centerpiece

DIY IT: Sitting on an oversized bowl you're not using? Follow this goof-proof tutorial to turn it into a sleek succulent planter display in seconds.

11. Create a Clean-Lined Planter with a Desk Accessory

DIY IT: Hack a Scandi-style planter for your houseplants with the help of a $15 IKEA trestle.

12. Design an Artful Air Plant Display

DIY IT: If you're looking for an inventive way to show off your air plants in style, then this is the DIY for you. Here's how to whip up an awesome air plant holder in a flash with a wood block and some hobby wire.

13. Construct a Modern Succulent Planter With Concrete

DIY IT: Follow these eight easy steps to make your very own modern succulent planters using concrete mix or quick-setting cement.


14. Make a Distinctive Succulent Driftwood Planter

DIY IT: Repurpose a piece of driftwood into a one-of-a-kind succulent planter in six simple steps.

15. Transform a Bulletin Board Into a Cool Shower Mat

DIY IT: Bring some organic-inspired elements into your bathroom by using a standard cork bulletin board to forge a living moss shower mat.

16. Get Your Hands on a Rain Gutter Garden

DIY IT: Believe it or not, vinyl rain gutters make for a surprisingly stylish floating plant display. Just follow these six steps to see how.

17. Repurpose a Stool into a Plant Stand

DIY IT: Who knew your humdrum IKEA stool could moonlight as an adorable plant stand? Clearly Lucy Akins, who schools us on how to turn a Frosta stool into a bonafide plant stand in this easy tutorial.



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