Spotted: 82 Ways People Are Using Plants as Decor

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We at Hunker have the privilege of photographing personal spaces. One thing we love to see is how greenery is incorporated throughout various homes, whether it's a simple plant placed strategically upon a high shelf, or where plants play a major role in the overall aesthetic of a home (like here and here). Scroll through for some of our favorite looks, and maybe take a visit to your local nursery this weekend if you feel so inspired.


1. One thing we can never get enough of? A healthy green plant sitting in a cement planter.

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2. The mix of materials, textures, styles, and the lone cactus plant just works. Oh, and you can stay here.

3. A beachy, boho vibe on a charming California bungalow mantel.


4. Plants inside a shower? Absolutely.


5. Simplicity at its best: a plant and a coffee table book. What more do you need? (Check out these supremely cute coffee table plants to find the right one for you.)



6. A pegboard can provide the perfect place to rest a medium-sized green plant — specifically a Pilea peperomioides. (Seen here at Hunker House.)


7. Spotted: a fiddle-leaf fig tree offering an organic element in a contemporary kitchen.


8. We feel happy just looking at these vibrant plants holding their own amidst the colorful artwork and decor.


9. You might think this is a ficus plant standing quietly in the back. And you're right.



10. Drama and mood set the scene with a eucalyptus plant sitting upon a black shelf.


11. We love this bedroom vignette: a Hawkins brass tray, a Floyd side table, a Schoolhouse sconce. And in the middle of it all, a simple plant in a vase.

12. A pink $5 pot from IKEA is all that this croton needs to stand out on a kitchen countertop.

13. This creative urban living space is allllllllll about the plants.


14. Texture here, get your texture here! In the back is a fishtail palm, on the right is a rubber tree, and, look closely, and you'll see a philodendron monstera. Don't forget that variegated rubber tree on the left. And the ficus stands alone.

15. An eclectic look within an urban bohemian farmstead located in LA's Laurel Canyon.

16. Bringing Mother Earth to an urban setting. It's all Gubi, man.

17. Mix and match your plants, and put them on a pedestal while you're at it.


18. Oh, majestic fiddle-leaf fig tree, you fill this bedroom corner so beautifully.

19. So what if you have a small bathroom with very little space? Simply place a plant right there on the floor in a midcentury-inspired plant stand.

20. A fresh eucalyptus plant is a welcome addition to a wood and white kitchen. (Disclaimer, it's my kitchen.) (Also, yes, you do spy some snake plants in the background.)

21. Remember that first photo of the blue chair and plant? Pull out the lens a bit and we see more of that scene. This room gets even better with the tall tree ... and more color, of course.

22. A ceramic pot from Pigeon Toe provides a safe space for this plant upon a bathroom countertop.

23. Little, but impactful. A small succulent sits upon a stack of cookbooks on an open kitchen shelf.

24. This minimalist Pasadena, California home has an earthy bedroom that gets a pop of life from a tall green plant.

25. A cement pot is always a good idea for a gorgeous philodendron. This one is placed high upon a tall bathroom cabinet.

26. Green plants in blue containers gives us dreamy California vibes.

27. Air plants sit simply in a reimagined fruit bowl.

28. These Muji baskets were stacked up as a storage solution for a small bathroom, holding a little plant and white towels.

29. This sweet plant sits on a bathroom counter, expertly hiding an electrical outlet.

30. Hang a plant, sit a plant ... it's all good.

31. Why have a television when you could just sit on the couch and stare at a healthy fiddle-leaf fig tree?

32. A macrame plant hanger for the boho babe in you.

33. How gorgeous does this plant look cascading down a cane cabinet?

34. We are big fans of any kind of greenery in the bathroom. Here, a eucalyptus arrangement is just so pretty.

35. This plant reaches for the natural light in an industrial-style downtown Los Angeles loft.

36. We stand in support of snake plants because they are pretty much unkillable.

37. No clutter here. Just a cute plant. A fern, to be exact.

38. If you can go big and go home, you should definitely do it.

39. An Umbra stool becomes the perfect platform for a jade pothos plant in this bathroom scene. And that N'Joy pothos in a little white pot is just right for a small shelf.

40. Proof that you don't always need a fancy container for your plants.

41. A string of pearls, some blue and white ceramics ... and now, a collective sigh.

42. This sitting area warms up with a big, leafy plant.

43. We feel like this big plant, sitting upon an entryway table, says, "Good vibes ahead. Welcome!"

44. Kudos to anyone who can keep a plant like this healthy and thriving.

45. A home office with vintage decor warms up with some live greenery.

46. If you have a lot of wood and leather, a plant adds a perfect pop of color.

47. Fireplace doesn't work? Just place a bunch of plants in front of it.

48. Plant stands always look good.

49. Back-of-the-toilet styling.

50. The natural light hitting the plants in this Toronto bedroom is just beautiful.

51. This plant isn't covering the art, it's kind of part of the art.

52. You know what they say: tall plant ... tall ceilings. (Check out this super-cool California geodesic dome.)

53. Green scene on a bedside table.

54. Bookshelf styling we can get behind. The succulents and leafy greens look right at home.

55. Did you know that plants in the bedroom can actually help you sleep?

56. A high open shelf is practically begging for a plant to drape off of it in a dramatic way, like a gorgeous marble pothos.

57. The styling of this entryway plant, and the surrounding decor, is everything.

58. Welcome to the jungle.

59. The black planter next to the leather couch topped with a sheepskin rug is a big yes.

60. Talk about first impressions: This entryway hall is made with pine-strip details, which creates a stunning backdrop for the plants.

61. The greenery gives this charming dining room such an inviting feeling.

62. Love a nice hanging plant in the bathroom.

63. And ... more plants in the bathroom. The greenery against the green tile is so lovely.

64. This feels soothing just looking at it.

65. A succulent sanctuary up near the front window celebrates the natural light.

66. The owners of this hillside home take creative liberty in displaying their plants in a variety of ways.

67. Keep it minimal, keep it creative, keep it cactus.

68. In this kitchen, a lacy fern adds life.

69. See? Proof that you don't need much in a bedroom when you have a big leafy plant. Place it on a small table for greater effect.

70. Plants in opposite corners on a wall balance things out.

71. Tall green plant + white walls + slate tile floors = bathroom goals.

72. These plants mix in perfectly in this color-loving maximalist's dining room.

73. A plant at the foot of a bed? Why not. Just make sure your covers don't fall off and smoosh it.

74. In a minimal space (or maybe if you don't have a lot of furniture), all you really need is one great chair and one striking, tall plant.

75. Look at this! Little plants in little glass vials, lined up above a headboard.

76. These plants look like pieces of sculpture within this spacious loft.

77. A pretty fern on a bedroom dresser for everyday joy.

78. When you want to serve up some serious desert vibes, you do it like this — with a variety of succulents.

79. A plant within a brown bag within a boho basket just works.

80. It's safe to say that this loft dweller loves her plants. A lot.

81. Bring nature inside and surround yourself with it.

82. Definitely put this baby in the corner.



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