Hallelujah: These IKEA Products Can Be Used to Hold Succulents

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Learn more about our affiliate and product review process here.

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.


IKEA and succulents.

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A perfect pairing, don't you think? We recently scoured our beloved IKEA store (in person!) to suss out all the things we can use for displaying succulents. Some of these ideas are obvious, some are a little out of the box. Oh, and if you need some advice on how to pot or repot succulents, this easy DIY guide will help.

Överallt, $12.99

Now that we know how to plant succulents in bowls, we're looking at servingware in a whole new light.


Torkis, $7.99

Is it crazy to think about using this laundry basket as a big holder for greenery on an outdoor patio or balcony? Yes — crazy good.


Citronmeliss, $12.99

You know what this urn needs? A nice, tall aloe plant.



Ypperlig, $49.99

Guys, you could totally plant succulents in this. Your own mini garden, right next to your couch or out on your patio.


Skurar, $9.99

String of Pearls draping from this hanging beauty would look stunning.


Socker, $19.99

Place a trio of potted succulents within this charming window-ready greenhouse.


Gradvis, $4.99

Why everyone doesn't own this pot yet, we don't know. It's such a score. (And comes in gray, too.)



Citronsyra, $5.99

This enamel sweetheart brings out the retro in us.


Graslok, $19.99

If farmhouse or rustic decor is your jam, this fits right in.

Fryken, $12.99

Attach these baskets to your wall to use as shelves for your greenery. Fryken genius.

Nypon, $1.99

Looks like concrete, but this pot is made from recycled plastic. And at this price, might as well get a whole grouping of them.


Sommar 2019, $1.99

Green against pink? A preppy combo that we secretly adore.

Satsumas, $39.99

Bamboo ladder + white pots = an ideal living space for a family of five (plants).

Uppvakta, $5.99

A white and natural number that speaks to the minimalist in us.

Papaja, starting at $1.99

For those who love a little color or variety: This comes in pink, light blue, green, blue, dark blue, red, and white.


Östlig, $29.99

Put a big tall cactus in this clay-like pot.

Skyn, $29.99

Wouldn't this look pretty, filled with succulents, sitting on your kitchen island or counter?

Bittergurka, $12.99

Make some room for this rectangular planter made of steel and bamboo.

Stenbar, $29.99

Hey boho babies, bet you like the basket look.

Skadis, $2.00

Plant mini succulents in this (get a few) and attach to the Skadis pegboard as an interesting living art piece.

Vildapel, $7.99

Bamboo Zen, at your plant's service.

Persillade, starting at $5.99

Gorgeous dark gray earthenware. Love the simplicity of this. (Comes in size 9 ½, 7 ½, and 4 ¾.)

Chiafron, $12.99

Got a little fancy flair to your style? This one's for you.

Watering Can

While you're at it, might as well get a stylish watering can, because those succulents won't water themselves!



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