The 15 Best IKEA Decor Pick-Me-Ups Under $15

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Sometimes, you just feel like your home needs a little pick-me-up. Not a full on makeover. Just a little something to make it feel a bit more fun and fresh. Even better when you can do that without spending an arm and a leg. There's no better place than IKEA to find fanciful decor items — sometimes for as little as a few dollars. Here our our absolute favorites, all under $15.


1. Smarra Box, $12.99

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Keep it closed to manage clutter, otherwise use the other half to have two beautiful display trays.

2. Sjalsligt Decorative Items (set of 3), $14.99

Perfect for your boho balcony or desert-inspired living room.


3. Handskalad Decoration, $12.99

We're sure that this wood hand decoration will create hours of fun.


4. Gradvis Plant Pot, $4.99

Our favorite IKEA planter: It's pretty and practical.



5. Utvaendig Decorative Bowl, $12.99

Perfect for a glam fruit bowl.


6. Botanisk Hanging Storage, $12.99

Great for use indoors or out, this hanging basket can be either functional or purely decorative.


7. Skadis Hook (pack of 5), $2

These work seamlessly with IKEA's pegboard.


8. Skadis Pegboard, $9.99

The possibilities are endless with this pegboard. Buy metal cups to hang from it and you've got a wall planter, a place to organize crafting materials, or whatever your heart desires.



9. Invandig Artificial Terrarium, $5.99

For only $6, why not?


10. Korken Jar, $3.99

Some ideas for use: Store dry goods in the kitchen, place on your vanity to hold makeup brushes, or use to plant herbs.

11. Parlband Tealight Holder, $5.99

Just a few of these on a table, mantel, or patio coffee table could completely change the vibe of a space.

12. Atertag Vase (set of 3), $12.99

Seems like your #shelfie is missing a bit of color. This vase trio is just the subtle touch you need.


13. Hemvist Decorative Hourglass, $9.99

There's just something so soothing about an hourglass on a coffee table or book case.

14. Solvinden LED String Lights, $14.99

String these up in a bedroom to create a hygge-like atmosphere, or they'll work wonders to punch up a patio.

15. Toftlund Rug, $14.99

This beloved rug is an IKEA classic — both for its versatility and attainable price.



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