Finally, 7 IKEA Light Fixture Hacks Worth Your Time

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Let's talk about IKEA hacks. If you haven't heard the term before, an IKEA hack is the process of turning pieces from your fave retailer into something that is completely unique. You add your own DIY touches to customize or "hack" your finds and, presto, you've turned something affordable into gorgeous decor.


Like most people, we love to decorate on a budget whenever possible, and the idea of taking a mass market item and making it different is even more appealing. Not to mention, it's a great way for renters to make their mark, too. Take inspiration from these seven brilliant IKEA light fixture hacks, and don't forget to share what you've created with us on Instagram via the #hunkerhome hashtag.


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1. Spruce up a basic table lamp.

If you're a lover of the industrial look, or just DIY concrete projects, this table lamp hack could be the one for you. Brittni from Paper & Stitch transformed a simple glowing orb from IKEA into a chic modern light fixture with seemingly little to no effort. All you will need to recreate this metamorphosis are some basic tools, cement mix, a plastic container, and this $1 IKEA trash can.


Get the look: IKEA Fado Table Lamp, $24.99

2. Put your bamboo dishware to work.

Who knew a bowl would actually make the perfect pendant light? Stephanie Lee of Make and Tell, that's who. Using a piece of bamboo dishware and a light kit, Lee simply drilled a hole through the center of the bowl, blasted the exterior of the dish with granite spray paint, and threaded the cord through the hole — simple!


Get the look: IKEA Hultet Dish, $5.99

3. Dress up a lampshade.

Working on a budget? You can still make your home a bohemian paradise for under $10 with this easy light fixture hack by Geneva Vanderzeil from A Pair & A Spare. By continuously wrapping twine around a basic IKEA lampshade and securing it with a glue gun, you can take your space from bland to boho in a mere 30 minutes.



Get the look: IKEA Jära Lampshade, $4.99

4. Infuse a little vintage charm.

An IKEA hack doesn't always have to completely change the product, it can simply enhance it instead. Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed created some diamond wall mounts for her light fixtures, adding an extra, vintage 1930s touch without breaking the bank.


Get the look: IKEA Ranarp Wall Sconce, $19.99

5. Create a tripod floor lamp.

Tripod lamps can really make a statement in your living room. Unfortunately, they don't always come with an affordable price tag. Luckily, lifestyle blogger Kristi Murphy has got your back with this quick fix that will result in a minimalistic light fixture perfect for your space.


Get the look: IKEA Nymö Pendant Lampshade, $39.99 and Hemma Cord Set, $11

6. Breathe new life into a couple of coasters.

You'd never guess that this minimal light fixture was created with a couple of cork coasters, but here we are. Nomita from Your DIY Family dreamed up this incredibly stylish hack, which looks flawless suspended next to the bed in this chic boudoir.



Get the look: IKEA 365+ Coaster (two pack), $1.99 and Hemma Cord Set, $11

7. Reimagine a plant stand.

Your pad hasn't officially reached boho-chic status until you showcase a bit of rattan. But don't you worry, this clever IKEA hack will solve that problem in a snap ... and at a fraction of the price. Now, you have a dreamy fixture to help round out all of your Insta-worthy #plantlady pics.

Get the look: IKEA Kanelstång Plant Stand, $14.99 and Hemma Cord Set, $11



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