The #PlantLady Instagram Pics We're Getting Major Inspo From

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In recent years, there's been a newfound appreciation for the houseplant. One theory? Less outdoor space means more indoor plants. And with wellness being a huge trend, bringing nature indoors (especially during these stressful times) makes a whole lot of sense. Or, you know, millennials just can't afford pets, so they're settling for the next best option — cuddling a cactus.

But origins of the houseplant trend aside, we're here to talk about what has risen from it: the plant lady. She's dominating Instagram (with more than half a million #plantlady posts), and is clearly great at keeping things alive (unlike us). On any given Sunday, you'll find her finely misting the leaves of her fiddle leaf fig — we only aspire to be as hale and positively glowing as the plants in her possession.

It may be a jungle out there, but we're getting our inspiration from the inside of the following homes:

1. A Serene Workspace

2. Pink + Green = Forever a Winning Combo

3. Your Plants Each Deserve Their Own Throne — or Floating Shelf

4. Plants Are an Essential Addition to a Boho Space

5. Don't be Afraid to Overdo the Plant Theme

6. Green on Green is Great

7. A Place for Your Plants to Hang Tight

8. When Your Walls are Dark, Plants Add Welcome Texture

9. Fresh Decor for a Buffet

10. A Great Addition to Floating Shelf Decor

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