This Creator Upcycled Old Nightstands Into an Unrecognizable New Set

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Who doesn't love a good rags-to-riches story? Upcycling old and discarded furniture to give it a second life with a little TLC is as rewarding as it gets. Plus, it's much better for the environment than always opting for new pieces.


Kristen of the Instagram account @something.renewed has dedicated their platform to spreading this gospel, proudly stating in their profile bio that they're "turning something old into something renewed and giving you tips on how." They share process videos of their refurbishing projects, showing us how discarded furnishings can be restored to their former glory.

Video of the Day

Kristen recently shared a video that depicts the steps they took to revive a pair of old end tables. "These were literally found on the side of the road and now they're the star of the show!" they write in the post caption.

They begin by replacing the legs with hairpin legs that they bought on Amazon — a savvy way to elevate the look of any piece of furniture. The bottom of each end table easily slides right off, and the hairpin legs screw on just as effortlessly with a drill. From there, Kristen sands down the end tables with a power sander and fills in any remaining imperfections with wood filler. This step provides a smooth surface for a fresh coat of paint.


"Now for the fun part," Kristen says of the painting portion of the project. They choose a soft sage green hue as the color for these end tables, applying two coats for full and even coverage. After painting, the end tables are complete!


The finished product is virtually unrecognizable from the tables' original, shabby state. Not only are these end tables suitable for any modern bedroom, but they were saved from otherwise winding up in a landfill.



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