This DIYer Upcycled a $20 Dresser Into a Chic New Piece

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In the magical land of DIY projects, the key ingredients are creativity, patience, and a can-do spirit. Upcycling expert and Instagram user @sageandvintage has these qualities in spades, which are on full display in their recent "drab to high-end fab" dresser renovation project.


"Got this $20 dresser and turned it into a one of a kind!" they write in the video caption. In the reel, they show us how they use MDF wreaths from a craft store to create a design on the front of the dresser, sawing some in half, leaving others as full circles, and painting all of them bronze.

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The creator says that they attached the MDF wreaths using a brad nailer, and then looked to caulk to fill in the holes. They painted the base of the dresser with Estate Grey Amulent Furniture Paint from The Chippy Barn, and used bronze gilding wax by Dixie Belle Paint on the MDF wreaths. "This changed the whole look and made the design really come alive," they write in the caption.

The project has garnered an avalanche of positive responses in the comments on the post, with one user particularly enthusiastic: "SHUT … UP … what the heck?!? I wish I had the foresight and creativity that you have!" Another adds, "So much vision and talent. Color choices on point. Bravo."


Like all expert DIYers, @sageandvintage teaches us the valuable life lesson of not giving up on something just because it looks a bit down on its luck. With a little belief, some TLC, and a bunch of MDF wreaths, the weary and worn can be brought back to beaming and brilliant.



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