This DIYer Upcycled a Nightstand Using Popsicle Sticks

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Do you remember the thrill of building houses out of popsicle sticks as a child? (Or as an adult — we won't judge!) Stacking the sticks evenly and securing them with Elmer's glue before adding all of your favorite paint colors was an after-school activity for the books. TikToker @fixitsimone has brought that nostalgia to their latest DIY project. The creator upcycled an old nightstand into a brand new one by using — you guessed it — popsicle sticks.


You can see the old nightstand at the start of the video. The bones look good, but the aesthetic could definitely use a little work and love.

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The DIYer begins by spray painting the underside of the nightstand black before going in to sand down the top of the piece, gracefully smoothing out the edges. They then paint the top black to match the base of the stand.

Next, they remove the drawer and lay it on a flat surface. It looks like @fixitsimone is working on the floor. They remove the drawer knob and begin to diagonally glue down popsicle sticks. They then sand down the edges to make it smooth so the drawer can fit back into the nightstand — and more importantly, so you don't get poked.


After sanding down the drawer, the creator uses Stockaryd wood oil treatment to protect the popsicle sticks from any damage.

The big reveal shows off a stunning black nightstand with a wooden drawer — and it looks like a brand new piece of furniture. The results seem too good to be true, but are totally attainable if you're willing to get your hands a little dirty.

h/t:​ ​Den Garden



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