This Armoire DIY Project Is Filled With Thrifted Furniture Hacks

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Most bulk thrift stores are jam-packed with outdated and beaten-up furniture that's just begging to be given a second chance at life. Buying new furniture might be a bit easier, but it's not as cost-effective or environmentally friendly. Jasmine of the Instagram account @prettylittleflipss understands the beauty and power of DIY better than anyone, turning major profits on furniture they find and restore. In one of their latest projects, they revived an armoire that they found at a thrift store for $20 and ended up reselling it for $380.


"It had a lot of bumps and bruises, but I saw the potential beauty and profit!" Jasmine says in their post. They then go on to demonstrate the various DIY hacks they used throughout the project to bring the armoire from rags to riches.

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1. Sand down surfaces with an electric sander.

Jasmine shows us how they use 80-grit sandpaper with an electric sander to clean and smooth out the surface of the dresser.

2. Use Bondo products to fix veneer and fill in other imperfections.

Bondo products are clearly some of Jamine's go-to DIY materials, as they use Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty and Bondo All-Purpose Putty throughout the tutorial to restore the armoire's former glory. They use the Glazing and Spot Putty to mend gaps in the armoire's veneer, and use the All-Purpose Putty to fill in larger areas.


3. Use mold putty to create a model of missing design trim in order to replace it.

There's decorative trim on the armoire that's missing a piece, so Jasmine uses Pixiss Mold Putty to create a mold of the design in order to fix it. After they create the mold, they use the Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty once again to fill it in, and then use wood glue to attach the resulting decorative piece into place.


4. Trim down the bottom of the armoire to add decorative legs.

To elevate the dresser with some decorative flair, Jasmine trims off the bottom to add legs. They stain the legs as well so that they match the armoire's drawers.



5. Use a wash technique on the drawers to showcase the wood grain.

Jasmine uses a wash technique on the drawers of the armoire to bring out the wood grain and add some class to the finished product.

6. Shine up the hardware.

As an icing-on-the-cake touch, Jasmine polishes up the knobs of the dresser to add a pop of glam that nicely complements the teal color they ended up painting it. The gold hardware is the ultimate finishing touch that seals the deal on the armoire's new lease on life.



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