This DIYer Upcycled an Old Dresser Into a Chic Bar Cart

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There are a few critical furniture pieces that simultaneously elevate a person's space and hosting game in equal measure. The mini bar or bar cart is one such furnishing, bringing a generous pour of sophistication to any living room, while also serving as a savvy spot for liquor bottles, cocktail shakers, and decanters.


Midcentury modern options found at antique shops, or even more contemporary styles, typically fetch a pretty penny (thus depleting your alcohol funds). Fortunately, there are ways to affordably score the ultimate mini bar if you're willing to get a bit crafty.

Video of the Day

TikTok DIY renovator shows us how, creatively turning an old dresser into a chic bar. They tell us that the project was a leap of faith from the start, admitting they "had no idea if it would work," and that they "made a lot of mistakes but kept going." These are feelings most DIYers are familiar with, but persistence and a can-do spirit can see almost any project through.

Dawson clearly has this mentality in spades, persevering with the help of some handy power tools and slate gray paint. They started out by disassembling the lower portion of the dresser, taking out the drawers, and removing the wood dividers that they slid into, along with the piece of wood at the base of the dresser. A coat of primer followed by the slate gray paint saw the new mini bar really take shape, topped off by gold hardware, which included handles for the remaining top drawers and feet attached to the bottom.


The finished product is a sleek and modern bar cart, complete with ample storage space for libations. And now we excitedly await our invitation from Dawson to come over for cocktail hour.



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