This Tackle Box Hack Allows You to Take Charcuterie Boards on the Go

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Picture this: You're hosting a dinner party and build a beautiful charcuterie board covered in meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruits. You snap a few photos and briefly debate hiding it away because it's just too pretty to eat. But then, you realize you have to take it off your kitchen counter and bring it to a picnic or outdoor gathering. Fortunately, the people of the internet have taken to making the beloved charcuterie board portable. They're calling it the "snackle box."


The word "snackle" is derived from the word "tackle," as in tackle box, a plastic box with compartments originally used for fishing. The cells separate things like lines, reels, and rods so everything is easily accessible to the fisherman. It has also been used for organizing household tools or school supplies. Now, it's being used for snacks.

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In order to make your own snackle box, you'll need to grab a few tackle boxes, which you can get on Amazon or even at your local Walmart. Once you have the box, it's time for the fun of figuring out what snacks you want to use. The best part is that with the compartments, everything will look neat and aesthetically pleasing with little effort on your part.

TikTok user @erinjason made a few different arrangements that you can use for inspiration. The first box contains all the meat, cheese, crackers, nuts, fruits, and veggies you can dream of. There's even a spot for hummus! The next container is dedicated to all the crunchy, salty snacks like goldfish, rice cakes, and potato chips. Lastly, the third box is devoted to sweet treats such as mini cookies, gummy candy, and chocolate.


Another TikTok user, @fifthwheellifestyle, took us on their grocery journey as they added both savory and sweet items to their cart. The box was filled with olives, meats, crackers, cookies, and mini candy bars.


If you really want to take your snackle box up a notch, TikTok creator @skybut used a full toolbox to store their treats. If you look closely, you'll even see they included baby pickles.

Hopefully your creative juices are flowing. Snack time has never been so fun.



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