This Cloud Shelf DIY Will Help You Create the Dreamiest Bedroom

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If you've been loving the whimsical cloud trend, you're going to adore this DIY. On TikTok, user @champagne.chaos explained how to make charming cloud-shaped shelves, and we're loving the simplicity of the project.


Each shelf is made by gluing the bottoms of two cloud shelves together. Specifically, @champagne.chaos used large and small cloud shelves from Hobby Lobby; this created the look of a full three-dimensional cloud.


Next, the content creator screwed the shelf directly into the bed frame, then added a screw along the back for extra security. This essentially created a built-in nightstand.

With one double cloud shelf on each side, the bed looks like an actual dream to sleep in! Can you imagine if there were electronic tealights on the top cloud shelves? It would look so lovely.

What's more, @champagne.chaos took it a step further and installed another cloud shelf behind each nightstand. This added depth and dimension, along with extra storage space.


It's worth mentioning the project was for the content creator's children, but honestly, we wouldn't mind having this in our own space. That said, if you decide to recreate the project for little ones, make sure they don't use the clouds as step stools. As @champagne.chaos notes, the shelves are not secure enough for this purpose.

Needless to say, this DIY project proves that you don't always need to make pieces from scratch to create something beautiful.


Where to buy cloud shelves:

At the time of writing, the small and large cloud shelves are out of stock at Hobby Lobby. However, you can find similar ones on Amazon, including the TopKai shelves and Happy Woody cloud shelves.

Some Etsy sellers, such as RainetteDesign, sell similar pieces that could work for the project. Check out their cloud shelves in their Etsy store.



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