Is Blu Dot's Hitch Shelf Worth It? We Gave It a Try

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My husband and I just moved and we seriously downsized our shelf space. We have literally only one corner of our new living room that will allow for a bookcase and it's small — we needed something compact that wouldn't overwhelm the corner. Enter the Blu Dot Hitch Bookcase, a wall-mounted metal-and-wood shelf with multiple combo options.


(Note: While Blu Dot provided this piece free of charge for review, I did not let this impact my opinion of the product.)

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Blu Dot's Hitch Bookshelf after installation (excuse the mess we hadn't unpacked!).
Image Credit: Leonora Epstein/Hunker


The Hitch Bookcase is actually part of a system, although I opted for just a solo shelf which measures a compact 28 inches across. You can opt to include an "add-on" if you want a more spacious shelf, or there's an option with a deeper last shelf that can act as a desk. There are also a number of color/material options you can play with. Per Blu Dot's description: "Shelves are wood veneer (smoke on ash or walnut) over wood or lacquered wood (white or black)." The sides are powder-coated steel that come in Black, FLW Red, Slate, or White. I opted for the red/walnut combo, which retails for $695.

I will mention that I was surprised by the red color — it's more of a rust. When I went back to the product pictures, I realized the imagery was accurate and my mind may have been playing tricks.

Image Credit: Leonora Epstein/Hunker


We went the DIY route with assembly. Putting the bookcase together wasn't as easy as I anticipated. There's a piece of hardware that goes into metal sides and a bolt head slips into a slot. When you tighten the screw, it clamps the bolt head in place, but this proved tricky to do — in fact, when we got all the shelves in place, everything looked slightly askew, so we took it apart and redid everything. The second try produced a much more aligned piece and everything really came together once we did a final tighten-up and then bolted it to the wall.



Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful design
  • Quality materials
  • Material/color options to suit your decor
  • Size customization: Great for small and large spaces alike



  • Not the easiest to assemble, but not impossible!
  • Not the most budget-friendly, especially when building a large library

Final Thoughts

Despite its sleek profile, I was pleased with how sturdy this shelf is. We loaded it up with heavy coffee table and art books and nothing budged.


It's a gorgeous piece and I appreciate the quality of the shelves — although they are a wood veneer, they feel and look like solid wood. That said, you are paying a premium price tag, which, in my opinion is worth it because out of all the shelves I searched for online in this style, Blu Dot's was by far the most design-forward. Of course, the customization is also amazing — if you have the budget to create a wall full of shelves, the Hitch system would be a top-tier option.

Blu Dot Hitch Bookcase, $695



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