How to Secure a Billy Bookcase to the Wall

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Because of its height, the BILLY bookcase comes equipped with wall-mounting hardware to keep it from tipping over. Manufactured by IKEA, this wood laminated piece of furniture has five shelves that are adjustable to different heights to accommodate any size book or other decorative item. Installing the wall mounting hardware is one of the last steps after you completely assemble the remainder of the unit.


Step 1

Assemble the BILLY bookcase fully by following the instructions provide inside the box. Identify a location where you want to install the bookcase, ensuring that the floor is level and there is plenty of room on either side.

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Step 2

Locate a wall stud by turning on a stud finder and sliding it along the wall until it lights up. Place a small pencil mark high on the wall, well above the top of the bookcase.


Step 3

Push the BILLY bookcase into position against the wall making sure the back of the bookcase is fully against the wall and the center is aligned with the wall stud.

Step 4

Locate the L-shaped mounting bracket provided with the other hardware. Place a stepladder in front of the bookcase and peer at the top of it near the back.


Step 5

Place the L-shaped bracket on top of the bookcase with one edge on the case and the other on the wall. Draw pencil marks through each screw hole in the bracket and then set the bracket aside.

Step 6

Drill a 1-inch-deep hole in the wall at the location of the pencil mark using a drill and 1/4-inch drill bit.


Step 7

Reposition the L-shaped bracket back in place and align the screw hole with the wall hole. Insert a washer on the end of one of the provided screws. Insert it through the bracket and into the wall using a screwdriver. Insert a second screw into the bottom part of the bracket which extends through the top of the bookcase.



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