This Genius Halloween DIY Lets You Make a 'Bubbling' Cauldron

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Double, double toil and trouble ... it's time to start planning Halloween decor! Courtesy of Den Garden, we discovered a brilliant "bubbling" cauldron DIY that you'll definitely want to bookmark.


The project is by TikTok user @apieceofmyhaven, who shares content about home hacks and decor. Basically, they placed small cardboard boxes in a plastic cauldron, the hot glued ornaments on top. They specifically used clear iridescent Christmas tree baubles, which mimic the look of shiny bubbles.

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Next, the content creator stuffed the empty sides with crumpled newspaper, then glued a few "rogue" bubbles along the side of the cauldron. To complete the project, @apieceofmyhaven tucked twinkling purple fairy lights along the sides. This creates the illusion of moving magical bubbles. So smart!

As you can imagine, the project was a hit with TikTok users. Many people mentioned that they'd love to try it with green lights for a classic spooky vibe. Others suggested adding an essential oil diffuser to create a "smoky" cauldron.


You can buy plastic cauldrons on Amazon in various sizes, including a 12-inch version for $14.99. They might also be available at your local craft or hardware store.

As for the ornaments? You can buy them on Amazon, in case you're unable to find them in stores around this time of the year. For example, these clear iridescent Christmas ball ornaments may work well for the project.


Happy crafting!

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