This Easy Spooky Art Idea Puts a Twist on Typical Halloween Decor

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Make no doubt about it: Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find pieces that are unique or different. If this sounds familiar, you might want to bookmark this easy project by TikToker


The idea involves painting a tiny ghost (or several ghosts) on vintage art. In their video, the content creator used a woodsy scenery painting from the thrift store. At home, they used acrylic paint to add two little ghosts to the scene. They even added a jack-o-lantern candy bucket to one of the ghosts, as if it were trick-or-treating.

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And just like that, the moody painting is transformed into unique Halloween decor. We're obsessed.

The best part? Ghosts are easy to paint, making this a beginner-friendly project. You can also practice painting ghosts on a piece of scrap paper before working on the real thing. In general, you'll want to make a long dome shape, like a cone with a rounded top.

What's more, acrylic paint is budget-friendly. It's sold in the paint section of the craft store. For example, one 2-ounce bottle of white acrylic paint costs about $1.49 at Michaels.


Now, excuse us while we go thrifting.

Other easy Halloween ideas:

TikTok is a goldmine for Halloween DIY projects. One such example is a bubbling cauldron made of iridescent Christmas ball ornaments, cardboard boxes, and twinkling fairy lights. Or if you're looking for a simpler take, try adding an essential oil diffuser to a plastic cauldron and calling it a day. Done and done.


If you have pool noodles laying around, you can reuse them to make decorations like faux candles and giant spiders. This approach is especially useful if you have broken or old pool noodles that have seen better days.



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