This Genius Paint Hack Will Help You Get Perfectly Clean Lines

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There's nothing worse than peeling back painter's tape, only to realize that the paint has bled through. After all, it can be frustrating to fix, not to mention time-consuming AF. But thanks to TikTok user @brandontgentry, we recently learned how to prevent this from happening in the first place.


In a video, @brandontgentry demonstrates the hack while painting a staircase molding. He applies painter's tape as usual, but tops off the seam with a bead (i.e., line) of caulk. Next, he uses his finger to smear the caulk along the seam, then applies the paint while the caulk is still wet.

Video of the Day

As soon as he's done painting, he peels away the painter's tape to reveal a perfectly clean line. So easy!


"I just tried it when I was painting a room in my house; it worked great," commented a TikTok user. "Some professional painters will laugh, but I don't paint everyday." Another person said the technique works well if you're trying to paint a rounded corner. Good to know.


Needless to say, we'll definitely be pocketing this painting hack for future home renovations. For the full demonstration, check out @brandontgentry's TikTok video.

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Happy painting!



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