This Painting Hack Will Give You Perfect Edges With No Tape Required

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One of the most tedious parts of revamping a space has to be painting — especially if you plan to tackle it on your own. Not only do you have to select the perfect shade and figure out how much paint to buy, but you also have to set aside a good chunk of time to actually prep and paint the space. The worst part? Making sure you get perfect edges and corners.


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Fortunately, TikTok user @therenegadehome has discovered a hack that makes painting edges a breeze. And the best part is that you don't even need to worry about outlining your canvas with painter's tape!

All you need for this handy trick is one simple tool: a paint edger. Specifically, @therenegadehome uses the Shur-Line Lumi-Tech LED E-Lite Paint Edger, which costs $6.17 at Walmart. "It has wheels on it and you just glide it across the edges," the TikTok user says. According to the product description, the tool also has a wide-beam LED light panel that illuminates the edges while you're painting.


In the TikTok video, @therenegadehome also recommends that you use an 18-inch roller if you're painting a large surface. They use the Purdy Adjustable Paint Roller Frame, which costs $24.98 on Amazon.


With both these affordable tools on hand, painting your space should take less time and energy.

Other paint hacks to keep in mind:


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