This Paint Hack Will Make Painting Around Glass Hilariously Easy

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If you've ever had to paint around glass — such as on a window or door — then you know how frustrating it can be. Yes, you can line each individual pane with painter's tape, but that takes up a ton of time and energy. Fortunately, Instagram user @handmakeshome has found the ultimate paint hack for painting around glass.


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"Let me show you the best hack for painting around glass without using tape," the creator says. First, they clean their glass panes and make sure that the surfaces are completely dry. Then, using a small paintbrush, the user applies Jasco Liquid Mask and Peel.

"[Jasco Liquid Mask and Peel] has a similar consistency to Mod Podge or craft glue, and you're going to want to apply it pretty thick," @handmakeshome explains. "The point is to protect to the glass, but it's okay if you get it on the wood because it actually primes and seals that part, too. When it turns clear, that means it's dry and ready for paint."


After the mask and peel turns clear, the creator applies their paint. Next, they run a blade around the perimeter of their glass panes and peel the Jasco product off. It's extremely satisfying to watch all the paint on the glass simply peel away — no cleanup required!


All the materials you need for this paint hack:


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