How to Paint Stair Spindles in Seconds, per This Brilliant TikTok Hack

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One of the most daunting home tasks has to be painting stair spindles. In order to cover them completely, you have to manually paint each individual spindle, on all sides, from top to bottom. A paint roller simply won't cover it, which is a thought that makes us exhausted, but there is a TikTok painting hack that is reinvigorating us.


Video of the Day

User @diywithemma, a self-titled CEO of sock painting, has found a way to make revamping spindles as painless as possible. All you need is a protective glove, a sock, and paint. First, cover your hand with the protective glove and place the sock over that glove. Then, dip the sock in the paint and with your hand gripped around the spindle, massage the paint all over the surface.


In seconds, you'll have a perfectly painted spindle. Just think of how much time, energy, and annoyance this will save you.

"The DIY hack the pros wish you didn't know," writes @diywithemma. We couldn't agree more.