This 'Seashell' Painting Hack Covers Annoying Gaps — No Tape Required

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When it comes to painting anything, we will take all the tips and tricks we can get. After all, there is nothing worse than having to fix painting mistakes because you rushed the job or weren't fully informed on best practices. For instance, do you know how to paint in between tiny gaps? We're talking about the openings created by wall fixtures such as HVAC vents.


Video of the Day

To fix the problem that is painting in between minuscule gaps, TikTok user @kdcares1 shared a video demonstrating what they call the "seashell technique." It involves pressing on your paintbrush to make it as round and flat as possible, thus creating a seashell-like shape when you place the brush on a surface. Then, you can slide the brush through small slits.

"The reason why we learn that technique is because we find ourselves in these situations all the time — where we have to sneak behind a little gap, like 1/8 inches," @kdcares1 explains. "If you learn the seashell technique, if you can get your brush as flat as possible, then that little gap is going to seem like it's a mile wide."


In their video, @kdcares1 notes that they were unable to remove the vent in the first place, which is when this hack can in handy. One commenter joked, "This is like a reverse landlord technique."

Other easy painting hacks to follow:

If you're revamping a space and are dreading the painting part, here are a few other simple hacks you can try:


Happy painting!


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