Halloween 'Broombas' Are Going Viral on TikTok Right Now

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When it comes to easy Halloween projects, you can always count on TikTok. The app is home to countless brilliant ideas, from "bubbling" cauldrons to spooky art makeovers. But lately, one DIY has been especially popular on TikTok, and it's known as the "broomba."


If you're unfamiliar with a broomba, it's essentially a robot vacuum cleaner with a handmade broom on top. As the vacuum moves around your home, it creates the illusion of a floating magical broom, which is perfect for Halloween.

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Fortunately, it's surprisingly easy to make a broomba. It also doesn't require a Roomba product, despite the term "broomba." In other words, you can make it with any a robot vacuum cleaner from any brand.

There are also several ways to make it, but one of our favorite techniques comes from TikTok user @hauz.and.co. In her video, she creates the base of the broom with a spray painted and disassembled tiki torch. She hot glues two foam circles together, inserts them into the top of the torch, and secures it with twine and glue. Next, she adds removable adhesive strips to the bottom of the foam.


The content creator then wraps the bottom with layers of raffia, then adds a ribbon and bow. Finally, she sticks the foam portion to her vacuum cleaner — and a broomba is born.

"I'm buying a robot sweeper just to do this," commented one person. "I kind of want this for all year long," shared another user.


BRB, time to dress up our robot vacuum cleaners!

Other easy TikTok Halloween projects:

If you don't own a robot cleaner, don't worry — there are plenty of simple DIY ideas floating around on TikTok. We're especially big fans of pool noodle Halloween projects, which include things like spooky faux candles and oversized spiders. So fun.



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