This Easy Holiday DIY Creates an On-Trend Curvy Christmas Tree Collar

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Curvy home decor is having a moment. Wavy mirrors, vases, and furniture are definitely on-trend this year, but TikTok creator Emily Shaw (@emilyrayna) couldn't find themselves a curvy Christmas tree collar, so they decided to make their own.


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The creator taped a few pieces of foam together, then placed the foam underneath the tree and sketched a wavy design around it. Using a box cutter, they cut along the sketch, with text mentioning that you don't need to worry about making perfect edges since the foam will be covered.


The TikToker then makes 11 inch tall strips on another piece of foam, sharing that this actually makes the foam bendy. Just be sure to not cut all the way through so the foam doesn't detach.

Next, Shaw makes brackets out of leftover foam and hot glues them to the base, finishing the brackets off with a small piece of velcro for the sides of the collar to attach too. Finishing touches include a quick coat of spray paint and covering the homemade collar with red velvet fabric. This entire DIY is free of tools — all you need is a hot glue gun.

Shaw's TikTok currently boasts seven million views, and the comment section is going wild for this unique idea. One commenter wrote, "You need to get some empty bottles so you can start collecting the creativity because it's OOZING out of you!" while another simply wrote, "IT LOOKS SO GOOD!"

If you're looking for a totally unique holiday decor item, this would be a perfect one to try.



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