Super Easy DIY Trivet Using Wood Beads

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Image Credit: Sara Albers

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This eye-catching wood trivet has modern, Scandi vibes written all over it.

If you haven't used split wood beads in a craft project before, you will fall in love with them. They are so much easier to use than regular wood beads, which typically need to be threaded together using cording or wire. In fact, this is so simple, you might be inclined to make a few of them. Talk about a perfect hostess or housewarming gift, too!

Things You'll Need

Image Credit: Sara Albers

Step 1

First, lay out the split wood beads to determine how they will fit on the wood circle. You do not need to keep them all laid out when adhering. Start applying the glue to the flat side of the bead and adhere to the wood circle.

Image Credit: sara Albers

Step 2

Continue gluing the beads onto the circle. Luckily, the wood glue gives you time to adjust the position of the beads, so you can slide them a bit before they completely adhere.

Image Credit: Sara Albers

Step 3

Trim a piece of scrap leather, 7 inches long by 1/2 inch thick. This will add a decorative touch to the trivet.

Image Credit: Sara Albers

Step 4

Use a hot glue gun to attach the leather piece to the back of the trivet, making a loop.

Image Credit: Sara Albers


This trivet is perfect for a decorative touch to your kitchen countertops or table. However, please note that the split wood beads are unfinished, so a very hot dish could discolor the beads.

Image Credit: Sara Albers
Image Credit: Sara Albers

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