This DIY Christmas Decoration Repurposes Old Ornaments

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'Tis the season for all sorts of holiday delights, from Christmas cookies to cozy family gatherings and festive home decor to set the mood. DIYers can really flex their crafty skills during this time of year to create home decor that can make a house look and feel so special during the holidays. Instagram user @herzenstimme is one such crafter, who recently shared a video of their process making a classy candle holder centerpiece out of repurposed Christmas ornaments.


In the short tutorial video, Erika demonstrates how they first make a wooden base out of a small plank of wood with two other pieces glued beneath. From there, they take four iridescent pearl-white Christmas tree baubles and glue them side by side to the wooden base with a glue gun.

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Erika then hot glues a thoughtful cluster of white, silver, and light-gray toned decorative foliage around the ornaments to fill out the centerpiece. Here's where you can take some artistic liberties if you so choose, and use different materials and colors that fit your personal taste and decorative scheme.

Once all of these fillers have been positioned and glued down to the wooden base, Erika removes the metal caps from the tops of the ornaments to reveal their holes. As it turns out, these holes offer the perfect openings for thin taper candles to be slotted into. By the end of the video, Erika presents a lovely, snow-colored candle holder that holds four candle sticks at a time. They place it in the center of a table in front of a crackling fire, but it would also look great on a mantle or credenza.



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