People Are Using This Unexpected Material for Halloween DIYs

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TikTok is full of savvy DIYers who come up with some pretty creative decorating hacks — and for Halloween, they've really outdone themselves.


Video of the Day

While perusing our feeds, we've stumbled upon numerous videos using a "so-easy-why-haven't-we-thought-of-it" material for crafting Halloween decorations: pool noodles. Turns out they're fantastic building blocks for all sorts of spooky decor, from sinister candle arrangements to creepy spider legs to the "skeleton" of a ghostly figure.

And since summer is long gone, it's a great way to repurpose the foam tubes you already own that are at the end of their aquatic lives. Don't have a pool at home? No worries, these noodles are super cheap, often costing about a dollar or so.

Check out four clever ways to use pool noodles for Halloween decorations below. Just be sure to reuse your decorations year after year so you don't contribute to plastic waste!

1. Faux Candles

Love the idea of candles but don't want to deal with the risk of open flames? TikTok user @btypep shows us how to create a Halloween candle arrangement with pool noodles, hot glue, and some electric candle "flames" in this viral video.

2. Giant Spider

We hope you don't have arachnophobia ... TikToker @erikagraydon transforms an old plastic jug and a bunch of pool noodles into a massive spider in this video.


3. Halloween Lollipops

Halloween is all about candy, right? So why not make a candy-themed pool noodle decoration for your home? TikTok user @louisanawoman1 demonstrates how to do so in this video. Just wrap a black noodle with orange tape (or any other Halloween color combo!), spiral it together, then adorn it with a few more decorations and some plastic wrap.

4. Spooky Figures

Pool noodles are also ideal for some behind-the-scenes construction. As @thehalloweenpage demonstrates in this video, you can use a pool noodle to give a ghoul a spooky form beneath its shadowy cloak.


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