This DIY Lets You Make Marbled Wall Sconces for Next to Nothing

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Wall sconces might very well be some of our favorite lighting fixtures. But let's face it — they can be pretty pricey, especially if they're made of certain materials. There's also the matter of installing wall sconces, which might not always be possible if you're a renter ... unless, of course, you make a plug-free and wireless wall sconce.


This is exactly what TikTok user Kendra Nicole did in a recent video. To start, she wrapped a foam cylinder with marble-printed adhesive liner, also known as contact paper. She then used a craft knife to cut a vertical slit in the foam, working from top to bottom.


At the bottom of the cylinder, the content creator carved out a rectangle piece, which she removed and discarded. She then placed a string light in the vertical slit and tucked the battery pack in said rectangle pocket.

To finish off the piece, Nicole wrapped silver foil tape around the top and bottom of the cylinder, and glued it to the lid of a candle jar. (So clever!) The lid was also silver, so it matched the tape details perfectly.

Finally, to "install" the wall sconce, Nicole adhered the lid to the wall. It's unclear how she did this, but you can likely hang them with a small nail.


Worth noting, with battery-powered string lights, you'd have to take down the sconce to turn it off. However, if you'd rather used something like adhesive strips, consider using remote-controlled string lights so you don't have to repeatedly take them down.

Who knew foam could be so stylish?


Other wireless sconce ideas:

If you're loving the concept of wireless lighting, check out this DIY sconce made with weaved tissue box covers. It involves gluing the bottoms of the covers and inserting a wireless puck light into one. From there, you can hang the piece on a nail for an instant wireless sconce.



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