This DIY Mushroom Garland Is One You'll Actually Want to Keep up All Year

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Courtesy of Den Garden, we recently discovered a charming TikTok project that will complete your holiday setup. The idea involves a mushroom garland made of — wait for it — clothespins and hot glue.


The DIY is by TikTok user @rosemaryfairy, who was inspired by the viral mushroom fairy lights made with hot glue. The first step is to create discs of hot glue on a heat-safe surface, like a silicone crafting mat. Once they've dried, glue the top of a clothespin to the underside of each disc. The content creator used vintage clothespins, which have rounded tops, but you can use new ones too.


Next, press the mushroom "caps" into shot glasses to help curve the edges. Fill the undersides of the caps with even more hot glue, then let everything dry completely. "Once they are set, pop them out of your glasses and paint to your liking," says @rosemaryfairy.

From there, you can attach the mini mushrooms to cord or ribbon for an instant garland. Another option is to clip them to a tree garland to spruce up your holiday decor. So fun.

The best part? Once the holiday season has come and gone, this DIY mushroom garland can still be displayed in your space. This makes it an ideal project if you prefer decor that can be used all year round.


Now, excuse us while we plug in our hot glue guns.

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