DIY Christmas Floating Candles Are This Season's Must-Have Piece of Decor

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If you're looking for simple DIY decor ideas to make this holiday season, you're in luck. This year is all about Christmas floating candles, an easy project using water beads.


For those unfamiliar with water beads, they're round gel beads made of water-absorbing polymer. When the beads are submerged in water, they expand in size. They're typically used in floral arrangements and sensory play, but thanks to TikTok, they're becoming popular in the decor space.

BTW: Water beads are also known as gel beads, jelly beads, and water orbs. You might even know them as Orbeez, which is a specific brand of water beads.


So, how are they used in DIY Christmas floating candles? As @rocioruizhomedecor demonstrates in a viral TikTok, the first step is to soak clear gel beads in water. Add a handful of water beads to a cylindrical glass jar, then follow with Christmas vase filler (like plastic candy canes and red spheres).

Continue adding layers of water beads and vase filler until there are a few inches left from the top. Pour water into the jar, then top it off with a floating candle. Done and done.


With more than six million likes and 500,000 shares, it's safe to say that @rocioruizhomedecor's version has been a hit with TikTokers. Other DIY enthusiasts have given the idea their own spin, too. For example, @petraorganisedmum made a candy-themed version with faux gingerbread people and plastic candy canes.

To make your own, pick up clear water beads on Amazon. You can also find Christmas vase fillers on Amazon, craft stores, or dollar stores.


Can you reuse water beads?

If you're environmentally conscious, you'll be glad to know that you can reuse water beads. According to Make Me Sustainable, all you need to do is lay them out in a warm area until they dry out. This will take about four to five days, after which they can be reused for future candles.


Can you make floating candles without water beads?

It's also possible to make floating candles without water beads. As TikTok user @jodie.thedesigntwins demonstrates, you can skip the water beads and just use faux greenery and artificial cranberries. The latter will simply float to the top, so the greenery allows you to fill the vase without using water beads.


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