The One Hack You Need for Halloween Decorating With Minimal Effort

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Now that October is officially in full swing, we've been looking for ways to turn our homes into the spooky spaces of our dreams. Naturally, there will multiple candles involved, along with pumpkins galore. We're also obsessed with the idea of making a smoky witch's cauldron, thanks to a trick that's been circulating social media.


Video of the Day

In a viral TikTok video, user @crystalransons demonstrates the hack. Simply place an essential oil diffuser in a cauldron, then turn it on as usual. As the diffuser releases mist, the cauldron will look like it's actually smoking. It's truly brilliant.

Of course, you'll want to make sure that your cauldron is bigger than your diffuser. This is especially important in terms of height, as the cauldron should (ideally) hide the top of the diffuser. Consider measuring your diffuser before buying a cauldron to make sure the device will fit. You can find cauldrons at craft, party, or home decor stores.


If you're the handy type, try drilling a hole into a plastic cauldron to hide the diffuser's cord. You can also take a tip from a commenter on @crystalransons' video: "Hide the cord behind a large wooden spoon or something else that could be used to stir a potion!" We're loving that idea, too.


Alternatively, if you have a rechargeable or battery-operated diffuser, you can just pop it in a cauldron without worrying about the cord. Either way, if you want to decorate for Halloween with minimal effort, you'll definitely want to try this idea.

Other easy ways to decorate for Halloween:

Aside from being scary cute, this diffuser cauldron trick proves that Halloween decor doesn't have to be complicated. Another idea is to glue bat cutouts onto a wreath to make a simple DIY Halloween bat wreath. Or, if you're a fan of moon motifs, make these DIY Halloween moon ornaments and hang them around your home.