9 of the Most Amazing Before-and-Afters Using The Pink Stuff

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Is there anything more satisfying than a before-and-after cleaning photo? We think not. This is especially true when it involves The Pink Stuff, a cult-favorite product that has stolen the hearts of cleaning enthusiasts across the globe. Seriously — on TikTok, the hashtag "#thepinkstuff" has earned 233.9 million views and counting. (Meanwhile, the hashtag "#cleantok" has 19.2 ​billion​ views, so you can be sure that cleaning in general is trending too.)


Video of the Day

If you're not familiar with the cleaner, here's a quick primer: The Pink Stuff is a line of cleaning products created by Star Drops, a company based in the United Kingdom. The brand is best known for its paste, officially called "The Miracle Cleaning Paste," which is touted as the go-to solution for banishing grime, dirt, and rust. The Pink Stuff also makes products like sprays and laundry powders, but folks are especially fond of its paste. You can find The Pink Stuff products on Amazon.


It also doesn't hurt that The Pink Stuff is, well, pink! The packaging is a cheery bright pink, while the paste literally looks like strawberry icing. Honestly, it can make cleaning pretty fun, even if you don't like the task.


If you're curious about the ingredients in The Pink Stuff's products, you can view them here. Otherwise, check out these before-and-after photos using The Pink Stuff for some awesome cleaning inspo.

1. Outer Bottom of Pans

This before-and-after photo is seriously satisfying. After all, dirty cookware bottoms can be pretty unsightly, especially if you store pans on a hanging rack. Take a tip from Instagram user @hinching_home_no95 and freshen them up with The Pink Stuff paste.


2. Shower Drain

The shower drain might be one of the sneakiest fixtures in the home. It tends to slowly accumulate gunk, eventually creating a gross situation. However, as these pictures demonstrate, it's nothing The Pink Stuff can't handle.


3. Cupboard

As this before-and-after photo shows, The Pink Stuff's multi-purpose cleaner and paste can revive a grimy cupboard and pantry. Can we just talk about how ​fresh​ the cupboard looks in the "after" photo? So good.


4. Tile Grout

If you love cleaning, this video by TikTok user @timeandseason will make your heart skip a beat. They use The Pink Stuff to clean tile grout (for the first time in 17 years), and the result is pretty fab. Just look at the difference in the last photo.


5. Window Tracks

Admittedly, window tracks can be annoying to clean. But if these photos don't convince you to tackle your tracks, we don't know what will. The combo of The Pink Stuff paste, a slim cleaning brush, and water is clearly a game-changer.


6. Rusted Grill

As TikTok user @mariasbeautybar shows, The Pink Stuff can also refresh your grill. Here, she uses the product to remove rust, resulting in a grill that looks good as new.

7. Stovetop

This might be one of the most gratifying before-and-afters on this list. TikTok user @mommyoddity uses The Pink Stuff to easily clean a heavily dirty stovetop, and we can't help but swoon.

8. Casserole Dish

As it turns out, The Pink Stuff isn't just for appliances and fixtures around the home. In this before-and-after video, TikTok user @homewihtchloex shows us how The Pink Stuff multi-cleaner spray handles a burnt and greasy casserole dish.

9. Sticker Residue on Glass

If you love candles, this before-and-after will undoubtedly inspire you. Here, TikTok user @maraleebell uses hot water to remove leftover candle wax from a jar, then seamlessly removes the stickers using The Pink Stuff paste. The result is a clean, clear jar that can be repurposed.