This Tomato Toast Is the Avocado Toast of Summer 2022

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Step aside, avocados. They aren't the only fruit to get deliciously smeared all over a crispy piece of bread. If you're feeling a bit tired of the classic avocado toast, or even last year's trending ricotta toast, TikTok user @julius.roberts took to the app to demonstrate how to make pan con tomate — and their followers are obsessed.


Pan con tomate, or its Catalán equivalent, pa amb tomàquet, actually translates to "bread with tomato" and is a staple in several Spanish cuisines. Think avocado toast, except substitute in tomato for the avocado.

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User @julius.roberts begins with a cheese grater and rubs the ripe tomato against the side with the largest blades over a bowl. Once the tomato is grated, you'll have a bowl of tomato pulp without the skin.

They then pour the tomato pulp through a strainer over another bowl just to remove some of that excess juice. Season with a generous pinch of salt and a ton of olive oil in order to bring out the already-rich flavor. Make sure to give it a good stir.


Slice up your favorite bread and get ready to toast. TikToker @julius.roberts heats up a frying pan with some olive oil to get the bread crispy, but if you have a toaster or conventional oven on hand, that would work just as well. While the bread is still hot, just out of the toaster or off the pan, rub it with a clove of garlic for a little extra zest and cover the toast with the tomato mixture.


"The key is that it all boils down to the quality of that tomato," says @julius.roberts. "So while they're in season, enjoy."

Some people in the comments even suggested their own variations, like adding basil or ricotta. Others alluded to Catalán roots by mentioning that the traditional dish calls for rubbing the tomatoes directly on the bread. Regardless of which variation you choose, grab some tomatoes while they're in season. Like @julius.roberts said, it's all about a good quality tomato.



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