Is This Actually the Best Pan EVER?

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Home cooked meals are always on the menu at my house. And these days, I do mean always. Thankfully, we split up who cooks what and when: I'm generally on dinner duty, my kids make their lunches, and my husband is the breakfast guy. He takes it seriously — so much so that he recently bought a new frying pan to up his game. (OK, really, our old pan was scratched and ready to retire.) And he has fallen in love. The other morning during his explanation about all the reasons why he was so hot on his new frying pan, I said, "Sweetie, keep talking because I'm putting this on Hunker for all to read." It went something like this…

"BEST. PAN. EVER.," my hubs said to me while holding the pan.

Readers, it's The Coated Pan by Material Kitchen.

OK, I said, you've got my attention. Tell me more. (Because he can be picky about how stuff works.)

"This pan makes the absolute best eggs," he said. "And I think I've easily cooked over 5000 eggs for our kids over the years."

A slight exaggeration, but yes, our family eats a lot of eggs.

He continued, "Fried eggs float on the surface, curl up just right at the edges of the white, and evenly cook the yellow to the perfect texture. Scrambles come out fluffy and scrumptious."

Yes, he said scrumptious.

"But my favorite style is half-scrambled, which is a bit of a magic trick in most pans," he says. "I crack the eggs directly into a medium-hot pan and scramble lightly as they are cooking. Most pans don't react well to this style because the heat is either uneven or too aggressive, resulting in a short time frame to make this technique work. With this pan, you are suddenly an expert chef. The Teflon-free surface only needs a touch of butter or oil, making for both a healthy meal and easy clean up."

He also wanted me to include this little nugget for you …

"As an aside, my wife isn't the gentlest on our cookware, and when we first got the pan, she let some oil burn into the pan's surface which resulted in a black stain. I emailed customer support for assistance in cleaning. They got right back to me — and not only was the customer service rep incredibly helpful with a solution, but they reminded me that there is a lifetime warranty on the pan. So, if the stain didn't come out, they would replace it. Oh, and best of all: they responded to my email within an hour!"

Maybe I should have titled this piece: A Man and His Pan: A Love Story.

The Coated Pan by Material Kitchen, $95

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